Abu Sisi denies knowledge on Shalit’s whereabouts; Hamas says he isn’t a member

01/04/2011 – 07:58 PM

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Dr. Dhurar Abu Sisi, the Palestinian electrical engineer who was kidnapped by the Isreali Mossad from the Ukraine, has categorically denied Thursday Israeli allegations that he knows the whereabouts of Gilad Shalit.

Abu Sisi made his remarks as he appeared at the Israeli Petah Tikva court on Thursday, constituting big blow to statements made by Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu that Abu Sisi gave valuable information on Shalit.

“I am an electrical engineer, and I was interrogated at length by the Israeli security apparatuses on Shalit’s whereabouts, but the fact is that I have nothing to do with the case of Shalit and I know nothing about him”, Abu Sisi said before journalists inside the court.

For his part, Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, the spokesman of Hamas in Gaza, denied Israeli allegations that Abu Sisi has organizational links with the Hamas Movement, describing the allegations as an Israeli attempt to cover up the crime of kidnapping Abu Sisi in the Ukraine and transferring him to the occupied Palestinian territories.

“The kidnapping of Abu Sisi from Ukraine serves as good example to the Israeli criminal behaviour, and considered as flagrant violation of  international law and clear undermining of the international community”, Abu Zuhri said in a statement he issued on the matter.

He also deprecated the silence of the Ukrainian government on the Israeli crime committed on its soil, urging it to shoulder its responsibility over the kidnapping of Abu Sisi, and calling on it to work hard to release him from Israeli jails.

Earlier, the Israeli prosecution said it would charge Abu Sisi with “grave crimes” but refused to give details on the nature of those crimes.

Susan Abu Sisi, sister of Dhurar, shrugged off Netanyahu’s fabrications that her brother provided valuable information on the whereabouts of Shalit, accusing Netanyahu of misleading the family of Shalit, and attempting to show them that he is still interested in getting their captured son released.

“If indeed they got valuable information on the whereabouts of Shalit, then what prevents them from freeing him, the Mossad is known for it’s ability to operate in any part of the world”, said Susan.

The Israeli group that works for the release of Shalit confirmed Abu Sisi’s statements, saying that the engineer knows nothing about Shalit’s case.

It also accused the Israeli government of using “media stunts” by alleging that Abu Sisi knows the place of Shalit, charging that the aim of such stunts was to give Netanyahu enough time to show that he was making progress on this front.

Abu Sisi was with his Ukrainian wife visiting her family and applying for Ukrainian citizenship when he disappeared during a train trip to the capital Kiev and found few days later in an Israeli jail in occupied Palestine.


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