Foreign ministry calls on UN to curb Israel’s aggression against Gaza

02/04/2011 – 02:35 PM

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian ministry of foreign affairs appealed to all international parties, especially the UN to intervene to stop Israel’s escalating aggression against the Gaza Strip.

In a statement on Saturday, the ministry said it is deeply concerned over the mounting Israeli violations against Gaza, the latest of which was its arbitrary air raid on Saturday that killed three Palestinian citizens.

The ministry noted that the Palestinian government in Gaza is making great efforts to maintain a national consensus on the ceasefire and make sure all Palestinian factions respect that in order to avoid Israel’s aggressive tendencies.

At an early hour on Saturday morning, an Israeli warplane fired one missile at least at a civilian car traveling on Salahuddin street near Dawar Al-Matahen area, south of Deir Al-Balah city, which led to the killing of all its passengers.

In this context, premier Ismail Haneyya and a number of ministers and heads of factions participated in the funeral procession of the three resistance fighters who were killed during the Israeli raid today. Tens of thousands of Palestinians escorted the three to their final resting place.

For its part, Islamic Jihad Movement said that Israel’s massacres in Gaza require retaliation from all armed wings of the resistance factions.

“The consensus [on the ceasefire] declared recently does not mean that we will stand by with our hands folded as the occupation persists in its aggression and bombing,” Islamic Jihad said in a press release on Saturday.

“We will defend our people and land by all means available and the fighters in the field will choose where and when to respond to the enemy’s ongoing crimes,” it stressed.


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