‘I want Israel held accountable for the crimes it commits’

Mon Mar 28, 2011 5:58PM | Stephen Lendman, sjlendman.blogspot.com

“I want Israel held accountable for the crimes it commits,” says Author and Radio Host, Stephen Lendman.

In an exclusive interview with Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Monday, Lendman said “Israel affords rights only to Jews but in occupied Palestine, they deny them all basic civil and human rights”.

Lendman added that “I don’t really believe any nation should be targeted, I believe in peace not war. But Israel throughout its entire history has been a lawless rogue state. Gaddafi certainly won’t be nominated … sacred, that’s certain. But no nation has the right to meddle into the internal events of another”.

“We are waging war against Gaddafi. It has nothing to do with anything humanitarian. America doesn’t now and never has in the past had any interest whatsoever in anything humanitarian”.

“Its only interest is money and power, imperial domination, and that’s what’s going on in Libya. As far as Israel is concerned when I say target Israel, I don’t mean bomb them or wage war against them, I mean sanction them, isolate them, boycott them, prosecute their leaders who commit egregious crimes and they do it every day against Palestinians in occupied Palestine and also against one fifth of their population, Israeli Arabs”.

There are Muslim states that treat people of other religions just fine; Jews get along very well in Iran but Muslims do not do well in Israel. They simply don’t have the same rights. Israel affords rights only to Jews but in occupied Palestine they steal their land, they kill them, they mass arrest them, they imprison them, they bulldoze their homes, they torture them, they inflict them with sever property and unemployment, they deny them all basic civil and human rights”.

Gaza has been under siege since June 2007, I refer to it as slow-motion genocide, slowly starving them to death. One Israeli official a couple of years ago referred to it, if you could believe this, as putting them on a diet”.

Putting them on a diet! Kids are malnourished; mothers are worried that they can’t get enough proper nutrition for their kids. This goes on every single day. The world pays no attention to it outside of the Middle East. I pay attention to it all the time. Again, I don’t want to bomb or wage war with Israel”.

That’s against the law, and it certainly is against my principles. I want Israel held accountable for the crimes it commits.

When asked why Israel is not being targeted by the world, Lendman said, “Because it is protected by Washington DC, the U.S. government and as long as America backs Israel, Israel literally gets away with murder

Lendman said “I refer to America as Israel’s pay master/partner. America supplies lots of weapons, billions of dollars. Virtually anything Israel asks for, Israel gets from America; more foreign aid … than the rest of the world combined.


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