Maps of Palestine

This is the map section that includes relevant current and historical maps.
This section provides a comprehensive visual illustration of the land in conflict. The maps are categorized as: historical, general, Jerusalem and partition plans and proposals.

Recent and General Maps of Palestine
Oslo II, 1995
Palestinian Refugees: UNWRA Refugee Camps, 2001
Palestinian Sovereign Areas According to the Sharon Proposal, 2001
The Divided City of Hebron, Following the Hebron Agreement, 1997
The Gaza Strip, Year 2000
The West Bank and Gaza Strip, March 2000
Water Sources
Wye Memorandum, 1998
Additional West Bank Closures (as of 18 Oct 2005)
Affected Communities by Damage to Water Infrastructure (2003)
Communities Without Water Network or with Bad Water Network (2002)
Future Israeli Plans for the Occupied West Bank
Gaza 2004 map
Gaza showing Palestinian build up area and Israeli settlements
Israeli Check Points – Gaza (2002)
Israeli Check Points – West Bank (2002)
Road Blocks and Checkpoints in the West Bank
Roadblocks Around Bethlehem
Roadblocks Around Jerusalem
West Bank map pointing out Israeli build up areas and settlements
West Bank map showing settlements and military posts and Palestinian build up area
West Bank ‘Security’-wall: Under Construction and Projected Alignment

Jerusalem Maps, historical and current
Arab East Jerusalem within “Greater” Jerusalem, 2001
E1 Development Plan, 1998
Israeli settlements and Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, 2000
Jerusalem municipal boundaries, 1947-2000
Metropolitan Jerusalem – The Old and the ‘New’ Town Planning Area, 2000
Palestinian and Israeli Neighborhoods in Metropolitan Jerusalem, 2000
Projected growth of Arab and Israeli Neighborhoods in East Jerusalem
The Jerusalem District according to the Palestinian Authority, 1995
The Old City of Jerusalem, 2001
The Old City, 1948-67
Connecting Ma’ale Adumim to Jerusalem through E1
Greater Jerusalem Seperated
The New Jewish Neighbourhoods/Settlements around Jerusalem
The Separation Barrier and Demographic Distribution in east Jerusalem and the West Bank

Historical Maps of Palestine
Distribution of population (Palestinian and Jewish) by subdistrict, 1946
First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878
Israel – Syria: Demilitarized Zones, 1949
Landownership in Palestine and the UN Partition Plan, 1947
Major Arab Towns and Zionist Settlements in Palestine, 1881-1914
Palestine under the British Mandate, 1923-1948
Palestinian Villages Depopulated in 1948 and 1967
Population Movements, 1948-51
Sykes-Picot Agreement, 1916
The Golan Heights under Israeli Occupation, 1967
The Near East after the 1967 June War
The Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949
The Strategic Value of the Golan Heights
Zionist and Palestinian landownership in percentages by subdistrict, 1945
Zionist colonies in Palestine at the beginning of the British Mandate, 1920
Zionist Military Operations Outside the UN-proposed Jewish State, 1 April 1948 – 15 May 1948

Maps graphing partition plans and proposals
Partition Jerusalem 1948-1967
Final Status Map Presented by Israel – Taba, January 2001
Final status map proposed by Israel in May 2000
Jerusalem and the Corpus Separatum proposed in 1947
Landownership in Palestine and the UN Partition Plan, 1947
Peel Commission Partition Plan, 1937
Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000
Sharm El Sheikh memorandum in March 2000
Sharm-Esh-Sheikh, (Projected from Memorandum), 1999
The Allon Plan, July 1967
United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949
Woodhead Partition Plan, 1938

Maps on the Unilateral Apartheid Wall
An Associated Map from the Palestinian Ministry of Planning: Anata Boundaries, 15 June. 2006.
April 2004 – updated map
Humanitarian Impact
Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem Sepration Wall
Satellite Image of the Wall (May 2003)
Separation Wall Overview
Terminals, Agricultural Crossings and Gates
The “Separation Wall” – Separating Palestinians from their Land: The Bigger Picture
The Separation Barrier around Jerusalem in Relation to Municipal Lines
The Separation Barrier in the West Bank May 2005
The Wall and Israeli Settlements
The Wall and Planned Settlement Expansion in Metropolitan Jerusalem Area
The Wall Construction in Jenin
The Wall Construction in Qalqiliya
The Wall Construction in Ramallah/Jerusalem/Bethlehem
The Wall Construction in Tulkarm
Wall and Oslo
Wall in the Northwestern West Bank – April 2004
Wall of Annexation and Separation in West Bank – February 2005
Wall Projections

Maps of Gaza (Unilateral Disengagement)
Gaza “Disengagement” = West Bank Engagement
Israel’s “Disengagement” Plan Occupied Gaza Strip
The Occupied Gaza Strip on the Eve of ” Disengagement” August 2005

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