Palestinian detainees held in Egypt to be released Sunday

April 1, 2011

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Egypt’s Supreme Military Council says it will release 14 Palestinians from prisons on Sunday, a rights group said.

The UK-based Arab Organization for Human Rights said the council decided to release the Palestinian detainees after lobbying efforts by prisoners’ relatives and lawyers.

The Egyptian courts had already agreed to release them, but there had been a delay in implementing the decision.

The human rights organization praised the decision which it said would put an end to the suffering of the detainees.

The detainees set to be released were identified as:

Muhammad Mahmud As-Sayyed / Al-Aqrab prison
Muhammad Ramadan Ash-Sha’er / Al-Aqrab prison
Muhammad Abu Jarab / Al-Aqrab prison
Ahmad Yousif Fayed Muhsen Fuju / Al-Aqrab prison
Shadi Said Az-Zamar’a / Al-Aqrab prison
Nidal Fathi Juda / Tara prison
Rami Adel Khatab / Burj Al-Arab prison
Mahmud Fayek Abdul Rahman Al-Amsi / Burj Al-Arab prison
Khaled Muhammad Ahmad Mikdad / Burj Al-Arab prison
Usama Zayed Abu Amra / Burj Al-Arab prison
Mahmud Yousif Haboub / Burj Al-Arab prison
Muhammad Saleh Hassan / Burj Al-Arab prison
Rami Daud Jaber Al-Kafarna / Burj Al-Arab prison
Jihad Hamad Sabah Hamed / Burj Al-Arab prison


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