Subaih calls for firm international position against Israeli war criminals

02/04/2011 – 07:26 AM

CAIRO, (PIC)– Assistant secretary-general of the Arab League for Palestine affairs Mohamed Subaih reiterated the need for creating one firm international position against Israel for the serious crimes it committed during the winter of 2008 in the besieged Gaza Strip.

In a news conference held on Friday in Cairo, Subaih welcomed the UN human rights council’s decision to refer Goldstone report to the Security Council, stressing the need for taking strong punitive measures against Israeli leaders in a way commensurating with the horror of the disaster that befell Gaza people.

The Arab League official outlined some of the massacres committed then by the Israeli army during the war, especially what happened to the families of Abdrabo, Daya and Assammouni.

He underlined that Israel during its aggression against Gaza relentlessly bombed schools, killed children and attacked UN buildings, which entails taking appropriate decisions against the perpetrators.

The absence of a strong and firm position against the violations Israel commits against the unarmed Palestinian civilians encourages it to escalate its aggressive tendencies, the official said.

The official also criticized the US administration for its position against Goldstone report and its support for Israel which commits serious violations against human rights and crimes against humanity.


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