When YouTube censors, they normally just remove a video from their site and claim it violated this, that or the other thing….

Lately, their ‘game’ is to claim it was a violation of Copyright….. especially videos showing the true nature of Israel or zionism.

The latest ‘victim’ is this one that was published just a few days ago on THIS post….
Click on it to see what you get…

I take personal offense to the removal of this particular video as DesertPeace and an Associate, Bud Korotzer, were given credits at the end for the stills used in the production.

Copyright Claim my arse! CENSORSHIP IS MORE LIKE IT!

Perhaps we in the Blogesphere should put a copyright on the TRUTH and censor any site that twists it into lies to serve the zionist cause.

Be assured that as soon as the video is transferred to another site it will be reposted on this Blog.


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