Murder is Israel ‘s modus operandi

02/04/2011 – 11:07 PM

By Khalid Amayreh

The unprovoked murder by the Israeli occupation army of three Hamas’  resistance officers in the Gaza Strip on 2 April is a classical example  of Israel’s murderous mentality. The unprovoked assassination of the three, carried out from the air, came only a few days after Hamas and other Palestinian resistance groups voiced their willingness to maintain the calm.

However, it seems that bloodshed is the perfect environment in which   Israel thrives and prospers.

Israel  claimed the three victims were planning  to carry out a resistance operation against its murderous army. However, it is most likely that the claim has no iota of truth to it and that it is only meant  as a media pretext to justify the murder.

Israel knows well that Palestinians in  general can’t just keep silent in the face of Zionist aggression and terror since doing  so would only encourage the Nazi-like Zionist  establishment  to murder and maim more Palestinians.

Hence, it is only logical to argue that the latest atrocity in Gaza will only generate another cycle of violence and bloodshed which will cause the death of yet more Palestinian civilians.

The Palestinians have every right in the book to resist their Zionist occupiers and tormentors. The Zionists continue to illegally occupy the Palestinians’ homeland, including Jerusalem , the soul and heart of the Levant . Moreover, Israel has been laying siege to Gaza Strip for more than three years, bringing the coastal enclave, with its 1.7 million inhabitants, to the brink of starvation and economic meltdown.

In light, the Palestinian struggle against Israel acquires perfect legitimacy because all people  under the sun have an inherent right to freedom from foreign occupation.

The murder of three resistance fighters in Gaza is,  of course,  not the first and won’t be the last of its kind. Israel, after all, is a murderous state par excellence.
However, the latest murder illustrates or re-illustrates a fact that some Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims tend to forget, namely that Israel and peace constitute an eternal oxymoron and that reaching a peaceful modus vivendi with this barbarian, cruel and hateful entity is a far fetched possibility at the very best.

Indeed, living  with Israel is like  living with a treacherous, venomous snake. Israel seems to love this kind of epithet on the ground that being feared guarantees security for the virulent entity.

However, Israel and its leaders must also realize that Israel is really  more hated than feared, very much like a criminal outlaw who is at large but  one  who will  be  captured and eliminated sooner  or later.

With this realization, the realization that Israel is an irredeemably and hopelessly criminal state, where pugnacity and aggression  are an eternal and intrinsic character,  Palestinians, especially the Palestinian Authority, must reach the ultimate conclusion that peace with Israel is a real impossibility.

Palestinians must also realize that in  order to create a semblance of deterrence vis-à-vis Israel, they must start building a worldwide coalition to pressure the Zionist regime into stopping its nearly daily criminal aggressions against the Palestinian people.

More importantly, the Palestinians should abandon, once and for all, the illusive  peace process under whose rubric Israel has been able to steal more Palestinian rights and build more Jewish expansion.

Then,  of course, they should work diligently to  restore their national unity on solid basis.

The Palestinians alone won’t be able to fight both   Israel and the United States. I say the United States because Israel relies on America’s technological and financial capabilities in waging  its  protracted, genocidal colonial  war on the Palestinian people who have the  truth  and justice on their side but unfortunately lack the military means to enforce their legitimate rights.

Hence, it is imperative  that the  Palestinian governments in both Ramallah and Gaza do  their utmost to utilize the recent revolutionary changes in the Arab world, especially in Egypt, against the criminal  Zionist entity.

Egypt, a country of  eighty million people, has great potentials, and if utilized properly, can be made into a tremendous asset for the Palestinian cause.

At this juncture, we shouldn’t appear as if we are pushing  Egypt toward renewing actual hostilities with Israel, although this may be a forgone eventuality, especially if Israel continued to pursue an agenda based on aggression, occupation and expansion.

None the less, the Egyptian people must always push their government to show Israel the “red eye” on every occasion and opportunity.

Certainly, the Egyptian people are always expected to make sure that there is a zero warmth and a zero friendliness in whatever relations Egypt will still have with Israel .

In short, de facto hostility with Israel must be the order  of the day all over the Arab  world  from Morocco to Bahrain . And Arabs and Muslims must search for every conceivable area to harm the Zionist regime, in  order  to undermine its ability to persecute and savage the  Palestinians with immunity- from media and internet use  to  economic  boycott.

Some countries which have peace treaties with Israel might object to this kind of aggressive activism. However, popular  pressure  must always  be exerted on these obsequious regimes  in  order to keep relations with criminal Israel at the most minimal  level.

In so doing, commemoration of  important anniversaries should always be highlighted and immense  awareness efforts should be constantly made in order to ensure that the regime’s normalization agents remain isolated.

There is no doubt that Israel will meet the same fate that other similar criminal entities eventually met, entities such as Nazi Germany.

However, in order to effect and realize this ultimate goal, we need to exercise more steadfastness and determination. And we must never flinch from giving the necessary sacrifices for freedom.

Israel may be militarily strong for the time being. But our resolve for freedom must be stronger. Besides, justice and truth are on our side.



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