Hamas prisoners announce protests against IPS

04/04/2011 – 10:20 AM

WEST BANK, (PIC)– Hamas prisoners in Israeli jails have announced a state of high alert as steps have been launched to protest against the Israeli prison system.

”The battle” may start at any hour or it may be delayed to make further arrangements, Hamas’s high committee for prisoner struggle said on Sunday.

They said the first step will be a hunger strike participated in initially by a limited number, so prisoner leadership does not feel that the strike weakens the front as time progresses.

The prisoners speaking on behalf of the Hamas committee said they have devised a plan and called on all prisoners to commit to it. They have also given several directives, asking prisoners to keep their hair short and to change their diet habits to prepare for the upcoming ”battle”.

Liason during this period must only be made by the committee which will announce the protest steps and inform the prison administration, the committee said. The committee will decided when the action will be taken and when it will be suspended.

The escalation comes after the Israeli Knesset passed a package of laws last week tightening restrictions on Palestinian prisoners.

Separately, a report released Monday by a Palestinian human rights group says the Israeli Prison Service placed one man in isolation and severely beat him after finding a pen cap in his pocket.

After the pen cap was found in his possession last month several restrictions were placed against him. He was placed in isolation for a week, banned from visits for two weeks, denied the right to education for an entire year and banned from using the canteen for two weeks.

Cameras were placed in his cell, and his cell was invaded by six prison guards who tied him  to his mattress, stripped him naked and began beating him. He said a guards tried to rape him amid accusations that he tried to commit suicide.


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