Information Center director Jawad Siyam sentenced to full house arrest once again

Sunday, 3 April, 2011 | 21:08 |  Wadi Hilweh Information Center – Silwan, Jerusalem
Jawad Siyam
Jawad Siyam

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — Wadi Hilweh Information Center director Jawad Siyam has been sentenced by the Israeli Magistrates Court to full house arrest again for a 5-day period. The sentence comes as Siyam and his family had expected his partial house arrest sentence to be lifted on 30 March, only for Israeli police to present “new evidence” on 31 March. Siyam’s bail was also placed at 2,000 NIS by the court, with his wife and brother both forced to sign a personal monetary guarantee of 5,000 NIS should he break the conditions of the sentence.

Siyam’s wife and brother were then subjected to investigation by police regarding Siyam and their relationship to him, when signing the guarantees at the Jerusalem police station. Siyam’s lawyer stated that such practices are illegal, with police holding no right to interrogate them under such circumstances. Siyam’s brother told Silwanic that the investigator had even attempted to threaten him, telling him that “we’ll see how much pressure you can take.”

Siyam was arrested by police for a third time on 31 March on the pretext of new charges lodged against him by the same individual who had previously claimed that he had been attacked by Siyam. The Information Center director was arrested on 4 January this year and has been shuttled through various prisons and house arrest sentences since. Many resident Palestinians of Silwan have identified the campaign against Siyam as a clear-cut attempt to stop his political and community activity in the troubled village, including documenting Israeli settlement activity in the region.




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