Islamic Jihad: Israel may use Goldstone’s last remarks to wage new war on Gaza

04/04/2011 – 02:46 PM

GAZA, (PIC)– The Islamic Jihad Movement said Richard Goldstone’s backtracking on what came in his report might be exploited by Israel to wage a new war and commit massacres in Gaza.

Islamic Jihad official Ahmed Mudalal stated on Sunday that what was shockingly said by Goldstone recently resulted from pressures by the Zionist lobby aimed to end Israel’s international isolation.

Mudalal said that Goldstone’s claim that his report would have led to different conclusions if he had obtained specific information would encourage Israel to commit more war crimes against the Palestinians.

In this regard, specialist in Israeli affairs Saleh Al-Na’ami said that Goldstone has no right to manipulate what came in his report which was prepared by a group of experts and individually.

Na’ami, in a press statement to the Palestinian information center (PIC), also opined that Goldstone did not say anything that refers to his backtracking on his position. “The findings are still as they are and Goldstone just considered the occupation state’s interrogation of its soldiers a good thing.”

For his part, Palestinian legal expert Jaber Wishah said that Goldstone report is a legal document issued by the UN and adopted by its human rights council, and cannot be affected by personal positions or remarks made by Goldstone as he stated in the press.

European human rights organizations also demanded in a meeting held in this regard the UN to state its position clearly towards Goldstone’s latest remarks in which he claimed that the findings in his report would have been different if Israel had cooperated with the UN probe committee.

The organizations said that the timing of Goldstone’s remarks is very serious, since they were made as Israel started to escalate its aggression against the Gaza Strip.

During the meeting, Anwar Al-Gharbi, the head of the Swiss organization rights for all, stated that what Goldstone said made the international community and the UN probe committee at stake.


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