Lieberman hints Goldstone retraction made under Zionist pressure

03/04/2011 – 06:59 PM

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC)– Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has suggested that Richard Goldstone retracted conclusions that Israel committed war crimes during the 2008-9 war on Gaza because of Israeli pressure applied by both the political and military institutions.

The Goldstone report was the result of a UN Security Council fact-finding mission headed by South African judge Richard Goldstone created to investigate war crimes committed during the war.

Lieberman said in a televised statement on Saturday night that Goldstone’s recent statements implicitly disavowing the accusations in the report condemning Israel after the Cast Lead operation on Gaza was no surprise to him.

He said the Israeli ministries of justice and foreign affairs and the office of Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu had exerted ”great efforts”  in that regard without the public knowing.

Goldstone, who is a Zionist himself, told the Washington Post on Friday that the report he issued would have rendered different conclusions if he had the same information he possesses now regarding what happened in the Gaza Strip.

Separately, Israeli President Shimon Peres has called on Goldstone to openly apologize for what was adopted in the UN Security Council report.

Israeli occupation authorities have called on the UN Security Council to cancel the Goldstone report ensuing the recent statements made by the chairman of the fact-finding mission behind it.


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