Report: 32 Palestinians Killed in Gaza by Israeli Attacks Since January

04.04.11 – 12:50

Gaza – PNN – The Emergency and Ambulance High Commission based in the Gaza Strip has issued a report saying that since the beginning of this year Israeli attacks targeting the costal enclave have left 32 Palestinians dead and 118 injured.


Gaza : injured child by Israeli fire – Archive photo by AP

Adham Abu Salmyah, a spokesperson for the Commission, told the state-run al-Ra’y newspaper that the first quarter of 2011 have witnessed an increase of fatalities compared to 15 Palestinians killed 70 others injured by Israeli attacks during the same period in 2010.

Abu Salmyah explained that seven Palestinians were killed during the month of January, seven in Fabruray, and 18 in March until April 1st.

During the reported period, Abu Salmyah said that the Israeli army carried out 34 air attacks and fired 90 tanks shells; in addition, the Israeli army implemented 17 invasions targeting border areas in Gaza and opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats 11 times.

Abu Salmyah concluded by saying that a medical storage warehouse was among the locations that were targeted by Israeli fighter jets during the month of February.




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