T-minus 5 months ’til UN recognizes Palestine?

by Matthew Taylor on April 3, 2011 | Mondoweiss


Ethan Bronner’s got an analysis of the diplomatic corner Israel has painted itself into in the NYT. Of course Bronner’s piece is filled with the usual elisions and distortions, which I’m sure readers of this site will spot left and right, so I’ll spare you my usual slice and dice. Here’s the money shot:

…come September the Palestinian Authority seems set to go ahead with plans to ask the General Assembly to accept it as a member. Diplomats involved in the issue say most countries — more than 100 — are expected to vote yes, meaning it will pass. (There are no vetoes in the General Assembly so the United States cannot save Israel as it often has in the Security Council.)

Really, the US can’t stop this one from moving forward? Nice. More Bronner:

[Haaretz columnist Ari Savit] wrote that “2011 is going to be a diplomatic 1973,” because a Palestinian state will be recognized internationally. “Every military base in the West Bank will be contravening the sovereignty of an independent U.N. member state.” He added, “A diplomatic siege from without and a civil uprising from within will grip Israel in a stranglehold.”

What’s the catch? How are Israel’s propagandists going to head this one off at the pass?

Inshallah, I can’t wait for the day that the occupied West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem are recognized as Palestine! This level of diplomatic pressure will be quite helpful in moving toward freedom, equality, and justice.


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