6 more detained from Awarta in Itamar investigation

April 5, 2011

NABLUS (Ma’an) — Israeli soldiers entered the village of Awarta on Tuesday morning, detaining six, in the latest wave of detentions said to be in relation to investigations of the Itamar murders.

Village council head Qais Awwad said the six, all men, were taken from their homes after they were entered and searched.

Those detained were identified as Ahmad Maen, Hakim Mazen, Eliath Awwad and three brothers, all sons of a man identified as Tareq Al-Nammas.

It is the third wave of detentions since an unknown assailant entered the Itamar settlement and stabbed to death five members of the Fogel family as they slept.

The week after the murders the town was put under military curfew, and 40 were detained, taken for questioning and according to village officials also had their DNA tested. At the end of March, dozens more were taken during a one-night raid, and also had their DNA tested.

Among those detained were the village’s deputy mayor, PA police officers and security force members, and a radio host from Voice of Palestine Radio.

The grisly murders, which included the stabbing death of two children and an infant, lead to a wave of settler violence, when Israeli officials named Palestinian resistance groups as the perpetrators before the investigation had begun.

Details of the investigation of the deaths were put under an Israeli gag order, and details remain scarce.




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