EU Human Right Group Welcomes Egypt Release of Palestinian Prisoners

06.04.11 – 17:16| PNN – Palestine News Network

Norway – PNN – This week 13 Palestinian political prisoners have been released from Egyptian prisons. The decision came after a campaign carried out by The European Network to support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (Ufree).











The European Network to support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (UFree) has welcomed the move of the Supreme Military Council of the Egyptian armed forces and the Egyptian government.

Its director, Mohammad Hamdan, has commended the move as a positive step, one that will strengthen the relations between the Palestinian and Egyptian nations. He believes this means that both nations are “on the road to achieving stability and security.”

The Norwegian based network was the first to raise the issue of the Palestinian prisoners with the Egyptian government. Their work to release the first group of 12 prisoners involved the cooperation with the European Parliament delegation and with a number of European parliamentarians who supported the networks’ demands.

UFree has stated that this decision would put an end to the suffering of these prisoners and their families. Nonetheless, the Norwegian based network noted that there are further 19 detainees in Egyptian custody. They say they will continue in its efforts alongside other legal and human rights organizations to ensure their release.

Mohammad Hamdan has expressed his appreciation to the Egyptian government’s statements and positions of solidarity with the Palestinians, and also its refusal of the continuation of the Israeli siege and collective punishment practiced against the civilian population of the Gaza Stip.

Source: The European Network to Support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners.


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