Rizqa: Goldstone has no right to withdraw the UN report on Gaza war

05/04/2011 – 07:37 PM

GAZA, (PIC)– Political advisor to the Palestinian premier Yousuf Rizqa said that Richard Goldstone has no right to back away from the UN report on Gaza war because it belongs to the international organization which adopted and endorsed it.

In a press release, Rizqa stressed that Goldstone is one member of the UN fact-finding committee and has no legal or personal right to nullify the report, noting that the article he wrote reflected only his personal opinion.

“Goldstone’s new position resulted from pressures made by the Zionist lobby in South Africa, America and the Zionist entity; he was also exposed to severe criticism and became an outcast among the Jewish community following his report and the enmity towards him has increased after he submitted a condemnation of the Jews,” the Palestinian official highlighted.






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