UK reaffirms support to UN Gaza report

PressTV –  Wed Apr 6, 2011 3:33PM

Britain has pledged its support for the UN Goldstone Report, which accuses the Israeli regime of committing war crimes in the 2008- 2009 Gaza war.

The UK government’s pledge of support comes as the US daily Washington Post reported on Friday that South African judge Richard Goldstone has retracted his findings about the Israelis deliberate act in targeting civilians during the 22-day war on the Gaza Strip.

Goldstone, himself, told the Associated Press on Wednesday that the Washington Post op-ed piece was not his work, denying the report altogether.

South African judge also denied the Israeli regime Interior Minister Eli Yishai’s claim that he had planned to work to nullify his report on the Israeli regime’s atrocities during the 2009 invasion of Gaza.

Meanwhile, the UK Foreign Office reaffirmed its continued support for investigations into the invasion, saying that it did not want to see the withdrawal of the Goldstone Report from the United Nations.

“Justice Goldstone has not made such a call, and he has not elaborated on his views surrounding the various other allegations contained in the report, allegations which we firmly believe require serious follow-up by the parties to the conflict,” a Foreign Office spokesman said.

“Allegations of breaches of International Humanitarian Law made against all parties to the Gaza conflict are not limited to the Goldstone report and have arisen from certain other credible organizations. We firmly believe that any and all such allegations must be met with credible and independent investigations by the parties to the conflict,” the spokesman added.

The UN Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, chaired by Richard Goldstone, submitted its report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva in September 2009. The report suggested that the Israeli regime has committed war crimes in its invasion of Gaza.





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