Israeli Troops Demolish Homes in Al-Aqaba village in the Jordan valley

07.04.11 – 12:56

Tubas – PNN – on Thursday morning the Israeli army demolished homes in al-Aqaba village, located in the Jordan valley near the northern West Bank city of Tubas.


Army bulldozers destroy al-Aqaba village read today

Troops invaded the village on Thursday morning and forced villagers out of their homes and demolished them, witnesses told PNN, and the army bulldozers also tore apart the road leading in and out of the village.

“All the homes are destroyed, even the only road that connects the village with the outside world is cut off as well, and the army says the homes were built without permission” Shreen Khader, from the Save the Jordan Valley solidarity group, told PNN. She was in al Aqaba village at the time.

Today troops ignored an Israeli court order calling for a halt to the demolition of villagers’ homes until the end of 2011.

“Earlier when the army gave the villages military orders to demolish their homes, they went to court and managed to stop the order until the court make a decision in the end of this year,” Khader told PNN.

This is not the first time the village homes have been leveled by the army. Al-Aqaba was first destroyed by Israel in 1999 and later in 2002.

After the military attack today, the only buildings left standing in the village are the local school, kindergarten, clinic and the mosque which the army intends to demolish.




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