PLO: 15 Palestinians Including 5 Children, Were killed by Israel in March

07.04.11 – 18:19

Ramallah – PNN – The Palestine Liberation Organization Department of  International Relations released its monthly report on Thursday documenting Israeli violations against Palestinians for the month of March.



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The PLO announced that during the month of March 15 Palestinians, including 5 children, were killed by Israeli troops, while another 90 Palestinians, including 22 children and 6 women, were wounded.


According to the report Israeli troops arrested 270 Palestinians, including 20 international solidarity members. Meanwhile the PLO reported that Groups of Israeli Extremist settlers have threatened to attack the buses that take the Palestinian families to visit their relatives in the Israeli Jails.

Settlers’ Attacks:

During the reported period the PLO says About 100 Israeli extremist settlers broke into Annabi Younis mosque in Halhoul town to the north of Hebron city and performed “Talmudic prayers.” In addition The Israeli Authorities approved at a plan to build 400 new settling homes in “Etamar” settlement near to Nablus city.

In other attacks the PLO says group of Israeli extremist settlers from different settlements uprooted about 1232 trees in different places of the West Bank, and razed about 50 dunums of land cultivated with wheat and barley in Yatta town near to Hebron city.

Also during March the PLO reported that the Israeli authorities informed Palestinian citizens in 10 villages to the east and west of Jenin district that their land would remain under the Israeli military control till the year 2013.

In other locations in the West Bank groups of Israeli extremist settlers conducted severe attacks against the Palestinian citizens and properties. Due to which, four Palestinian cars and a home were burnt- the owner of the home and his wife suffered of burns- and tens of Palestinian cars’ glass was smashed by the thrown stones on the Palestinian roads.

House Demolition:

In regards to Palestinian-owned homes demolished by Israel,  the PLO says during the month of March the Israeli authorities issued tens of military orders to demolish 82 Palestinian homes facilities in the West Bank, including 37 homes in Occupied East Jerusalem. The Israeli Authorities demolished 70 Palestinian homes and facilities, a mosque and damaged tens of Palestinian homes in Gaza Strip.

For the sixth time, the Israeli authorities demolished Khirbet Tana to the east of Nablus city. In another related incident, the Israeli authorities demolished 12 tents, 2 barracks and a water Hebron city suburbs.

The Media:

The PLO documented a number of attacks on journalists in its report. Under the threat of weapon, the PLO says that Israeli troops prevented a number of Palestinian journalists from covering the Israeli actions against the Palestinian Jerusalemites in Occupied East Jerusalem.

Also in the repot the PLO noted that Israeli troops wounded 2 Palestinian Journalists, and detained another one, while covering different incidents in the West Bank. Meanwhile Israeli extremist settlers attacked two Palestinian journalists during covering the settler’s attacks against the Palestinians in Beit Ommar town in Hebron governorate.


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