Israel Committing Genocide Again: Operation S.S. (S)corching (S)ummer – In Pictures

While the world remains silent, the media is biased, Israel is committing it’s next warcrime while UN, US, EU and whatever organisations as even the media is silencing the current events which have all characteristics of the previous war on Gaza “Cast Lead” in 2008/2009.

Again, Israel seems to go unpunished for it’s atrocties and crimes of war, even though as an UN member itself it has violated a lot of laws as stated in International Law, 4th Geneva Convention and even in the Hague Regulations which especially commands also the obligations of an occupying entity towards inhabitants of occupied territory.

Zionism’s greed for the land for a “Greater Israel” is bigger than it’s own ego, hasbara (propaganda) flourishing well in medialand..appearing, hence even  journalism forgot their own ethics about independant reporting and is silencing that, which of some if released, is being denied anyway (as usual) or IOA dwells itself “bis zum geht nicht mehr” in the state of the eternal victim.

Words (even in lawbooks) seem not to be of any significance for the people of Gaza, living in world’s greatest open air prison, totally delivered to the atrocties of it’s occupier, while the world is not even watching or just in hypnotic state of biased media covering … so time to wake up.

Pictures say more than a thousand words….

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