A protest in front of the Israeli Embassy “ Graphic”

There is currently a protest in solidarity with Gaza in front of the Israeli embassy in Giza. The protest comes after the start of a new Israeli military operation against city , the death toll in the past 48 hours is 14 as far as I know and 60 injured. Here are photos from the children were killed as usual by the IAF. “Graphic”

ِA Palestinian kid killed today ¨AmoonE¨
21 years old Palestinian killed today
Palestinian Youth injured

Palestinian flags were there in the heart of Tahrir square today , we did not forget Gaza no doubt despite all the jazz we have got back home.
In fact Palestine was there since last week.

Palestinian Flag at Tahrir square
As I hinted in the previous post two protests sprung from Tahrir in solidarity with Gaza , one headed to the American embassy which is near to Tahrir square and the other one headed to the Israeli embassy at Giza. For the first time since God knows when Egyptians protest in front of the Israeli embassy in this way. “photo on the right by Nora Shalaby
Thousands came from Cairo through the university bridge to protest peacefully in front of the Israeli embassy which is seemed to be empty from its employees. The embassy occupies the last two stories in the building. There is news that the embassy was transferred to Maadi in Helwan governorate. Already the Israeli ambassador residence is there.
The embassy was protected like any other embassy in Egypt by the army , of course extra forces were sent due to the protests. “Photo by Nora Shalaby”

Since it has been peaceful protest since the beginning , there is no attack on the embassy. People are chanting till now Peaceful , peaceful. Of course the chants and also the demands of the protesters. Some people demand the government to stop exporting gas to Israel while others demand the government to cut the relations and to sack the ambassador for the bombardment of Gaza. People all agree that Egypt should take more serious actions and that the siege on the city should be ended as soon as possible.

In front of the embassy “AP”

There are posters that were put on the surrounding buildings announcing for a march heading to Palestine on 15/5/2011 “The photo by Mohamed Effat”
The number of protesters was between 1000-5000 according to some estimations.
The protesters demanded that the flag of Israel to be removed , some people say that it was removed while others say that it was not removed. People put the flag of Palestine at the top of the mosque in front of the embassy.
The neighbors of the embassy waved the Palestinian flags from their balconies. The neighbors have been complaining from the embassy from long time. “Photo by Heba El-Sherif

Here are videos from the protest in front of the Israeli embassy in Giza tonight by Miral.





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