Abbas asks Arab League for urgent meeting

April 9, 2011

CAIRO (Ma’an) — The Arab League Council will hold an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss what has been described as a serious escalation of hostilities by Israel, at the request of President Mahmoud Abbas.

Member of the PLO executive committee Sa’eb Erekat told PA news agency WAFA, that Abbas asked the Arab league Saturday morning to hold an emergency meeting.

Arab League Chief Amr Moussa replied to the request within hours, saying the meeting would be held at noon.

Abbas is in Cairo, meeting representatives of Palestinian factions in a low-level bid for unity with Hamas, and to brief new Egyptian leaders and media professionals on the current situation in Palestine.

Erekat said Abbas was seeking a unified Arab voice to come out against the what has been called the deadliest escalation in the region since Israel launched its winter offensive on Gaza in 2008-9.




We ask, how many more dead corpses of Palestinian children and women does the international community need to see in order to act?

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