Hamdan appeals to Arab, Islamic states to assume responsibilities towards Gaza

[ 09/04/2011 – 02:16 PM ]

BEIRUT, (PIC)– Director of Hamas’s international relations Osama Hamdan appealed to the Arab and Islamic countries to assume their responsibilities towards the Gaza Strip which is under constant attack by the Israeli occupation.

Hamdan told Al-Aqsa radio on Saturday this military aggression against Gaza is an Israeli habit and it is not abnormal behavior.

He said that the Israeli occupation state is coming through an unstable stage and its options are indecisive as it is losing its allies in the region.

The Hamas official underlined that the Israeli occupation does not need to make pretexts to justify its aggression because its existence itself is a crime, not to mention its aggressive tendencies.

“As our people’s will has made a victory before, it will triumph once again by the grace of God and then by the steadfastness of our people, our fighters, and political leadership,” the official emphasized.



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