Israeli forces level shepherd dwellings

April 9, 2011

JENIN (Ma’an) — The homes of two shepherds were demolished on Thursday morning, in the herding hamlet of Khirbet Samra in the northern Jordan Valley.

Shortly before the demolitions, shepherds were handed orders saying the lands were zoned for military use, and that they did not have a license to be present.

The residents were forcibly evacuated before the demolitions, and told Ma’an that they had no notice of the event before it happened.

Announcing alarming statistics that showed a near doubling of home demolitions in the start of 2010, UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness called the process of demolitions a “triple humiliation, with families forced to build illegally, faced with the demolition of their homes, a process that all too often occurs in front of the faces of their children.”

In March, Gunness told Ma’an that home demolitions had reached a record high, commenting “I am not saying this is classic ethnic cleansing, but the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has condemned this discrimination and make no mistake, it is discrimination against one ethnic group.”




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