Israel returns to its characteristic Nazi mode

PIC | By Khalid Amayreh | April 9, 2011

Once again, Israel is having a free season on  the Palestinian people. In less than 48 hours, Israel has murdered as many as 20 Palestinians, most of them innocent civilians. Israel uses the most advanced and most lethal arms in the American arsenal to wreak death and havoc on an essentially unarmed and unprotected civilian population. Heavy artillery shells are often fired into heavily populated neighborhoods, with predictable consequences.

News reports from the Gaza Strip speak of White Phosphorus bombs being used again Gaza  civilians. Israel heavily used this lethal type of death agent during its Nazi-like blitzkrieg on Gaza more than two years ago, incinerating many people  and causing untold death.

None the less, the strange and conspicuous absence of world anger and condemnation seems to have emboldened the Judeo-Nazi  state to commit more crimes.

More to the point, the recent statements by South African Judge Richard Goldstone, which partially vindicated Israel of war crimes and crimes against humanity during the 2008-9 blitzkrieg seem to have convinced the Zionist leadership  that no matter how many innocent Palestinians Israel may murder knowingly and deliberately, the apartheid Zionist entity will be always exonerated, thanks to American complicity and acquiescence.

Israel claims that its ongoing  criminal aggression on Gaza has been a response to an attack by Hamas on  an Israeli bus on 7 April, in which two Israelis were injured, one critically.

However, this is an obscene  lie.

The nearly empty bus itself was moving in a military Zone which made it a legitimate target for the Palestinian resistance, especially when Israel kept killing Palestinians civilians regardless of the resistance.

This means that the attack on the bus, which Hamas said was not intended to harm Israeli children, was a response to earlier Israeli attacks which killed many innocent Palestinians.

For example, on Friday 1 April, Israel assassinated a 24-year-old member of  a  Palestinian resistance faction.  The next day, the Israeli air force murdered  three members of the same  resistance group.

Similarly, on Tuesday, April 5, Israeli forces shot dead an innocent  Palestinian in Northern Gaza . And on Wednesday,  April 6, at dawn, Israeli forces bombarded Gaza in three air  strikes, injuring  four people, including  two women (one of them pregnant) and a child.

On  the same  day, April 6, hundreds  of Gazan children participated in a march, appealing to the international  community  to protect them against virtually daily Israeli raids and attacks.

Now, since April 7, the Israeli occupation army has killed as many as 20 Palestinians, mostly innocent  men, women and children, at  the pretext that an Israeli  teenager  or two were injured.

Dozens of other Palestinian civilians were also injured in these raids by the state-of-the art of the Israeli machine of death, such as F-16 fighter jets and the apache helicopter gunship.

This chronology of events proves beyond doubt that Israel has a fixed policy of attacking  and  killing innocent Palestinian civilians regardless of any Palestinian provocations.

Hamas has said repeatedly that it is not interested in a new round of war  with the Zionist  regime. After  all,  Gazans  have not fully overcome the consequences of the last war and certainly have been unable to rebuild what the Israeli  war machines destroyed during that  criminal war.

However, Gazans will never  surrender to Zionist aggression no matter how many Gazans are martyred in this long and bitter conflict with the Judeo-Nazi regime which thrives  and prospers on violence and bloodshed.

It is true that the current circumstances in the world are not in the Palestinians’ favor. However, this should never mean that Israel will  be able  to wrest from Hamas now what  the  Israeli army couldn’t  wrest during the murderous  blitzkrieg more than two years ago, namely  a sort of capitulation to Zionist  whims and arrogance of power.

It is uncertain  whether Israel is planning to re-occupy Gaza ,  even for  a brief period of time.

However, there is no  doubt that the  current Israeli government, the most  extremist and fascist in Israel’s history,  would like  to achieve a number of tactical goals by waging another wave of bloody aggression on the thoroughly brutalized people of  Gaza.

These include achieving  a high degree of deterrent vis-à-vis  Palestinian resistance groups, especially Hamas. This deterrence eroded to a certain degree  in recent weeks as Palestinian resistance factions sought to respond to Israeli provocations by firing  projectiles onto Israeli-held territory every time Israel waged a new aggression against the Gaza Strip.

Israel also hopes to  keep Palestinians under constant psychological pressure by keeping them in a constant state of vulnerability.

In the final analysis, Israel wants the Palestinians to suffer silently and die  or more correctly be killed quietly or as quietly as possible, and not even cry out in the faces of their killers and tormentors.

Needless to say, this  is not the behavior of a state that is interested in peace or even any acceptable  modus vivendi with its neighbors.

It is a state that can’t survive without spilling  blood and  killing  innocent human beings.

As such, this state is effectively digging its grave with its own hands. I have no doubt that the demise and downfall of Israel will be dramatic and thundering, at least in proportion to its arrogance and insolence.


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