Ministry: Palestinian prisoners abused as Arabs preoccupied with aggression

10/04/2011 – 09:38 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– The Gaza prisoner affairs ministry warned Saturday that Israeli occupation authorities have taken the opportunity to escalate abuses of Palestinians held in its prisons as the Arab world remains busy with the current aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The trend of recent escalations and abuse of rights of Palestinian prisoners is due to Israel’s exploitation of the Arab preoccupation with the ongoing bloody onslaught on Gaza, which thwarts such issues being addressed by the media, the statement explains.

Special units raided cells, ejecting prisoners and isolating them elsewhere as the Israeli prison administration launched last night a ten-hour search operation in the Eishel prison and destroyed and tampered with the detainees’ property in search of hidden mobile phones.

The recreation time has been reduced to one hour, and prisoners are threatened to be returned to conditions worse than ”how they were in 2004” as the Negev prison enforces a list of new punitive measures.

The statement calls on the world community to take immediate intervention to thwart Israeli attacks on civilians in the Gaza Strip and on the Palestinians it has taken prisoners.




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