Mofaz: Israel failed to weaken the internal front of Gaza

11/04/2011 – 02:40 PM

GAZA, (PIC)– Specialist in Israeli affairs Naji Al-Batta said that head of the Knesset security committee Shaul Mofaz admitted that Israel finds itself completely impotent to destabilize the internal front of Gaza thanks to the security precautions taken by Hamas government.

In a statement posted on the ministry of interior’s website, Batta explained that Israel lost most of its human elements who provide it with information about the resistance in Gaza.

He added that Israel takes its information on Gaza depending on two means, the technology and most importantly collaborators without whom any devise or machine becomes useless.

The specialist expressed his belief that the internal security system in Gaza had made great achievements with regard to the protection of the internal front thanks to its counterintelligence campaign that proved great success in eliminating Israel’s spies.


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