Yousef Al-Helou: The Israeli Escalation is to Sabotage Unity

11.04.11 – 17:55 | PNN – Palestine News Network

Bethlehem- C. Martín/PNN Exclusive – Yousef Al-Helou is a Gazan journalist and PressTV correspondent. His reporting during the Operation Cast Lead exposed to the world the real dimmension of the War on Gaza and its aftermath for the civil population.


Yousef covering the Israeli war on Gaza

Yousef lost three members of his family on an Israeli air strike the last 23rd of march, including two of his fifteen-years-old cousins.  “They were playing outside their home in eastern Gaza city” told yesterday interviewed by PNN. That makes Yousef to believe that civilians are being targeted by the Israeli Army, adding He “the Israeli response is disproportionate”.

Yousef, who covered the war on Gaza back in December 2008 and January 2009, thinks that judge Goldstone´s retraction has given Israel the green light to a new offensive. “The latest Israeli escalation in Gaza is a prelude to a massive Israeli attack on Gaza” told PNN. He believes Goldstone “has pardoned Israel from war crime  with his change of mind or re-think.”

After a week of Israeli attacks, which left 19 Palestinians dead and around 70 injured  this Journalist thinks that the escalation of the violence aims to sabotage any effort by Palestinians to end the division between Fattah and Hamas. Also Yousef Al-Helou  says that intesification of the violnce seeks to maintain the power of deterrence by Israel against Palestinian factions and it also aims to put an end to Hamas rule in Gaza.

Yousef is not optimistic about the recent developments: “ordinary people are again paying a heavy price.”


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