2 million flowers in Gaza to rot if crossings not opened

[ 12/04/2011 – 05:59 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Heads of the flower and berry societies, agricultural relief workers and farmers met on Tuesday to discuss the impacts of Israel’s closure of Gaza crossings on the export of wild flowers and berries to foreign markets.

Two million flowers are stored in refrigerators waiting to be exported to foreign markets in addition to vast tracts of flowers which have not been harvested and are prone to damage.

Dean of flower and berry producers Mahmoud Khalil said they met to think about the possibility of cultivating the lands in the coming season in light of the current recession in this business.

Khalil noted that high temperatures greatly affected the cultivation of flowers in addition to the international financial crisis that hit the European markets.

He stressed the need to have Gaza crossings reopened in order to export them directly to the European markets and avoid causing farmers daily losses.

The dean asserted that 30 million flowers were supposed to be exported this year, but only 10 millions found their way to European markets.


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