Flush it Joe!

…first Toilets are being Flushed during an Interview

…than Media Caught it of course

…now Exclusive hidden camera captured the “Private”

Sorry Ladies & Gentlemen, You have to wait, this toilet is OCCUPIED!

Please Avigdor if you flush, flush your politics with it

More Lieberman Updates

C’mon Joe … corruption !?

(You of all people should know in IL you even can’t s(h)it on a TOILET without being watched and shit..sorry hit headlines!)

So we wan’t to share with Joe some beneficial knowledge: The Tale of the Sparrow

On a beautiful winter day in Moldavia, encouraged by the warm rays of the sun in a clear blue sky, a little sparrow left the security of his nest to fly and frolic in the air, but the 40o below zero temperature quickly overcame the imprudent bird who fell to the ground, frozen, and found himself buried in the snow where he would certainly have died in an instant.

But by chance a cow trotted by at that moment, and at the very spot where the sparrow was struggling for his last breath, she dropped a large soft cow-dung on top of the bird.

The warmth of this dung-bath resuscitated the moribund sparrow. He was so happy, he raised his head out of the cow-shit and started to twitter joyfully, which drew the attention of a wandering homeless cat who delicately pulled the sparrow out of the shit and devoured him.

The moral of this story:

  1. Your enemy is not necessarily the one who shits on your head.
  2. Your friend, however, is not necessarily the one who pulls you out of the shit.
  3. And besides, one should never twitter too loud when one is buried in shit.

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