Netanyahu Considers West Bank Pullout

PNN – Palestine News Network

12.04.11 – 13:19 Tel Aviv – PNN – In a campaign to woo Western countries against a vote for Palestinian statehood with 1967 borders, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that he is considering withdrawing the Israeli army from portions of the West Bank, Israeli sources report.

Netanyahu, pessimistic about new negotioations with the Palestinian leadership, has implied that Israel should take the initiative to relax international pressure for the creation of a Palestinian state this September.

One of the ideas reported in Israeli media is the transfer of authority in Area B—which sees Palestinian policing but Israeli security forces—to full PA responsibility, effectively extending Area A. At the same time, portions of Area C, fully controlled by Israel, would be converted to Area B.

The Prime Minister has yet to signal what he plans to do in order to avoid dealing with a “diplomatic tsunami” that would follow a positive UN vote, though due to the recent US block of a Quartet meeting and its veto of a UN anti-settlement resolution in Feburary, Netanyahu will not face much pressure to evacuate any West Bank settlements.

The Prime Minister has been quoted as saying that no international body “can impose a solution on Israel.”


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