Abducted Engineer Sent to Solitary

13.04.11 – 13:19 Gaza City – PNN – Dirar Abu Sisi, the Gazan engineer kidnapped in Ukraine in February and transferred to an Israeli prison, has been moved to solitary confinement on Wednesday, according to a statement from the Gaza Ministry of Prisoners Affairs.

Image The Israeli central court in Beersheba has charged Dirar Abu Sisi with upgrading long-range rockets and anti-tank missles for Hamas in Gaza. Also included were charges of attempted murder and membership in a terrorist group.

Abu Sisi’s lawyers have said that their client was made to sign documents under pressure by Israeli forces without any idea as to the documents’ content.

In Feburary the Palestinian engineer was abducted by Israeli forces in Ukraine and was secretly brought to Israel. Both the defendant’s family as well as the UN Relief and Works Agency have accused the Mossad of the abduction. It is not yet clear as to whether Israeli forces acted in tandem with Ukranian authorities or whether questions of jurisdiction and sovereignty are involved in the abduction.

Israel later admitted to holding Abu Sisi and subjecting him to interrogation by the Shin Bet security agency.

 Dirar’s brother, Yusef Abu Sisi, told Israeli sources that his brother’s record would only reflect that of any Palestinian with an engineering degree. “The fact that he has the knowledge doesn’t mean he would use it to develop missiles.”

Abu Sisi’s indictment alleges that in 2002 senior Hamas official Nizar Rian recruited Abu Sisi to Hamas’ weapons developing committee. He is also charged with having contacts with other members of Hamas such as Salah Shada and Adnan al-Rol, both of whom have been assassinated by Israel.

Yusef Abu Sisi also stressed his brother’s distance from politics and resistance: “He was never a member of any group like the Muslim Brotherhood and certainly not Hamas. Politics just didn’t interest him. He is a normal and quiet man.”



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