Nunu: Israel failed to achieve goals behind aggression

[ 13/04/2011 – 07:28 AM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Taher al-Nunu, spokesman for the Palestinian Government in Gaza, has said that Israel’s recent aggression was aimed at foiling Hamas’s efforts to reconcile with rival Fatah and at measuring the response from Egypt and the Arabs as the situation in the region unfolds.

”[Israel] was eager to single out Gaza in light of the region being preoccupied with operations for liberation from regimes and with successive popular revolutions,” Nunu told the Palestinian Information Center.

He pointed out that, as the Israeli aggression came to its conclusion, Israel failed to achieve its objectives, and the Palestinians earned a stronger sense of unity and rallying around the resistance program, and the Arabs became more aware of Israel’s schemes.

”The raising of the Palestinian flag in Tahrir Square in front of the Israeli embassy in Cairo was a key reason why the aggression on the Gaza Strip stopped, after it became clear to the Israeli administration that Egypt, its leadership and people, reject any Israeli aggression on Gaza.”

Nunu emphasized the role played by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry in curbing the attacks, as well as the decision made by the Arab League asking the UN Security Council for a no-fly zone over Gaza.

Concerning national reconciliation, Nunu said Prime Minister Ismail Haneyya’s initiative to meet with Abbas is still in effect. He said that the government in Gaza is not against Abbas visiting the Strip, but he said, ”the visit must be preceded by arrangements in order to be successful”.

He went on to say that the government has called for talks with Fatah based on a deadline before Abbas’s visit to Gaza.

He added that talks will start from where they left off, saying that issues concerning the Palestine Liberation Organization and the government’s political program are the two main topics that must be resolved during talks.

He emphasized that Haneyya has exerted major efforts towards Palestinian reconciliation, and pointed out that the chances for achieving reconciliation are more now than ever before.

”Mahmoud Abbas has no choice but to reconcile and adhere to the will of the Palestinians to end the split. And we hope that this is his choice,” Nunu said.


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