Dawn raid targets Palestinian minors in Silwan Again

Wednesday, 13 April, 2011 | 23:36

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) — Israeli forces executed a largescale raid of Silwan this morning, arrest several minors. The arrest include: Suhaib Alrjaby, 17, of  Baten al-Hawa, who has been charged with participation in protests in Silwan and has been serving a house arrest sentence since 2010; Louay Alrjaby, 14, who has been arrested several times for charges including throwing a Molotov cocktail at Israeli officers; Ra’aof Abbasi, 13, on charges of participating in confrontations between residents and Israeli forces; and Amir Qaraeen of  Wadi Hilweh, who was beaten severely whilst in police custody in the past, causing severe medical problems.

One of Louay’s denounced the arbitrary nature of Israeli arrests of minors in Silwan, telling Silwanic that dozens of children were arrested on identical charges to Louay.



Luoay Alrajaby

Ameer Qareen



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