Family of cancer patient appeals for releasing him from PA jail

[ 14/04/2011 – 12:44 PM ]

Al-KHALIL, (PIC)– The family of prisoner Nabil Al-Natsha, detained by the Palestinian authority preventive security, appealed to human rights organizations and the Palestinian leadership to intervene to have him released, especially since he suffers from cancer.

His family said that Natsha has been in isolation cell for four months at the preventive security headquarters and in dire need for continuing medical treatment.

Meanwhile PA militia men from the preventive security kidnapped at dawn Thursday Sheikh Abdulkarim Halayka, 55, from his home in Al-Shyukh village, east of Al-Khalil city.

Earlier on Wednesday, militias from the intelligence apparatus broke into and ransacked the house of Hamas leader and ex-detainee Hasan Al-Wardiyan in Bethlehem city.

Local sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that a group of intelligence officers stormed the house of Wardiyan at 10 o’clock in the evening and wreaked havoc inside it.

They said the militias confiscated private documents and CDs, and handed his family a summons for interrogation at the intelligence headquarters in the city.





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