IOF violate court decision, raze Bedouin homes in Nuwaimi’ah

[ 14/04/2011 – 12:47 PM ]

JERICHO, (PIC)– The Jerusalem legal aid and human rights center said the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) violated the higher court’s decision and demolished homes and structures belonging to Bedouin clans in Nuwaimi’ah area near Jericho city.

The center added that it demanded on Wednesday the Israeli prosecution bureau, the IOF judicial advisor and the higher court to explain why the Israeli army violated the court decision.

The center noted that the Israeli army pulled down homes, barns and other structures belonging to the Bedouin families without an order from the civil administration and in violation of the higher court’s decision which ordered a freeze on any action against the families and their property.

Nuwaimi’ah Bedouins received demolition warnings at the end of last year and earlier this year and the Jerusalem center on behalf of them followed all legal procedures to revoke any moves aimed to raze their homes or displace them.

Meanwhile, an Israeli military court issued a decision to demolish a barn for poultry and livestock and a water well in Beera village, southwest of Al-Khalil city.

The land research center said Israel troops stormed the village and gave the owner one week to remove the barn and the well at his own expense.

In a separate incident, Israeli troops at dawn Thursday kidnapped two Palestinian citizens from Al-Khalil city and stole jewelry and two thousands shekels from a house in Idna town.

In Burin village, south of Nablus city, armed Jewish settlers and troops on Wednesday evening attacked the village and fired tear gas grenades at the Palestinian residents who defended themselves without any reported injuries.






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