Israel Grants Settlers Gun Licensing

14.04.11 – 11:44 Tel Aviv – PNN – Israel’s Public Security Ministry, after weeks of crafting a new policy on the issue, has decided to give preference to settlers in gun licensing.



The justification of the move is that any citizen living in a “danger zone” must receive preference from ther state in request of security measures.

The entire West Bank, along with a number of towns and communities along the Green Line, falls under the blanket of the term “danger zone.” These are clearly marked as towns and settlements that either border Palestinian villages and towns.

Israeli Media reports that security officials have stated that, “when a citizen lives in an endangered region, the treatment of the request cannot be the same as the case of other citizens,” and that, “this is unlike the situation in the past, when requests were handled according to the order in which they came, and no preference was given.”

The shift in policy is to be implemented immediately.


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