Widespread Palestinian Condemnation of Arrigoni Killing in Gaza

15.04.11 – 12:17

Gaza/Ramallah – PNN –   Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, was found dead on Friday morning in an abandoned house in Gaza City hours after a radical Salafi group kidnapped him on Thursday.


Arrigoni sailing to Gaza

The Palestinian police announced that after the kidnapping of Arrigoni police forces were deployed around the city in a man hunt for the kidnappers.

Sources in the police said that officers arrested a suspect that led them to the location where Arrigoni was held in but arrived too late to save him, as the kidnapers had killed him shortly after abducting him. According the Ministry of Interior in Gaza the police have arrested two suspects.

The Ministry added that Arrigoni was suffocated to death while his hands were tied together execution stile.

On Thursday a group calling itself Mohamed Bin-Mosliemah group released a YouTube video showing Arrigoni alive but beaten up and demanded the release of group members jailed by the Palestinian police in Gaza within 30 hours. If this was denied, they threatened to kill Arrigoni.

Video released by Arrigoni kidnappers

Arrigoni, Italian peace activists and freelance journalist, came to Gaza last year onboard the ships of the Free Gaza movement that broke the five-years long Israeli siege on the costal enclave bring much needed medical and food supplies to 1.5 million Palestinians living there.


Arrigoni, Italian activists and journalist

According to the International Solidarity Movement – ISM – were Arrigoni works, he was last seen near Gaza City’s port at 8:00pm on Wednesday.

The Hamas movement in control of the Gaza Strip condemned the attack. “This is a clear attempt to create chaos in Gaza and to destroy the strong relations between the Palestinian people and their friends all over the world,” Fouzi Barhoum, Hamas spokesperson told the online Palestinian Info on Friday.

In the west Bank, the Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas and the government of Prime Minister Salam Fayyad condemned the attack, calling it both cowardly and contradictory of the Palestinian culture.

Palestinian NGOs and human rights groups called for protests in Gaza and the West Bank and demanded the killers to be brought to justice.

Interview with Arrigoni about the situation in the Gaza Strip



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