Israel asks UN to help stop Freedom Flotilla 2

[ 16/04/2011 – 07:50 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– The Israeli government addressed messages to many countries and to the UN to help stop the Freedom Flotilla 2 slated to set sail to the Gaza Strip next month carrying humanitarian aid.

The Hebrew radio said on Friday that Israel’s ambassador to the UN Meron Reuben handed a message to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon asking him to call on all countries whose nationals would participate in the fleet to stop their plan.

The radio noted that Turkey, which received a similar message from Israel, did not respond favorably to the request. A source in the Turkish foreign ministry said that his country does not interfere in the work of civil societies.

For his part, an IHH official told Reuters the group has not been approached by the Turkish government over its plans to send another flotilla and added: “In Turkey governments don’t tell NGOs what to do and what not to do.”



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