A Terrorist In The Business Of Human Rights

Kawther Salam | April 17, 2011

There is a big difference between human rights and exploiting others, misleading them and using their money and taxes in order to achieve colonial interests over another people’s lands. Human rights and colonialism are two contradictory things. It is not reasonable to be a thief, to steal the land of others by force, to expel them from their homes and to live in their place, then to open a shop or a business project under the name of “Foundation for Human Rights” in which you speak about your “rights as a human being” while living in the stolen house of your victims, people who you displaced into the streets and left without a home or dead.

  • What “Jewish community”?
  • What “Eretz Yisrael”, and what “land given to the ancient Israelites by God”?
  • What rights are the zionist colonists looking for and talking about in my homeland Hebron and in all of Palestine?

It’s simply occupation, ethnic cleansing, genocide, colonialism, bullying, terrorism, and organized crimes at every level in the heart of Palestine and the old city of Hebron. The only “rights” which these people know about are the right to plunder, the right to rape, and the right to vandalize in complete impunity. That is what they call “human rights”.

These are the about 400 militant zionist orthodox jews living under the protection of the Israeli occupation Forces “IOF”, all of them extremist scum, militants, psychopaths affiliated to terrorist movements such as Gush Emunim, Kach, Bnei Akiva and other splinter groups following the genocidal ideology of the deceased meir kahane (yemach shmo), who attempt to justify all the murders and the expulsion of non-jews from Palestine as a pre-condition to building a Jewish state on the basis of a repulsive and distorted “judaism”.

Anyone who looks deeply into the actions and practices of these European and American zionist colonists in Palestine clearly sees that none of them truly belong to judaism, to jewish communities to human rights organizations. They are nothing but a rabble of scum, thieves, criminals, losers and undesirables from many western societies who decided to immigrate to Palestine in order to pursue their ambitions of wealth under the cover of Jews and Judaism.

What prompts me to write about this subject is the horrific abduction, brutal torture, and sexual assault committed by the zionist terrorist Zvi Struck (or Tzevi Struck), 28, and his “friends” Zeevi Hamlial and Moshe Shvetz, both from the Shilo colony near Nablus, against the Palestinian shepherd Imran Ayman Tayseer Farah, age 15, from the Al-Qasra village near Nablus, who was taking care of his sheep at the “Baslitta” hills on July 24, 2007. Baslitta is also known as “Al Wa’ar” hills and is one kilometer away from Al-Qasra (Full story about the abduction is published at the end of this report).

On March 27, 2011, the Jerusalem district court sentenced Struck to ONE YEAR of probation on several charges (current and previous crimes), and ordered Struck to pay the victim NIS 50,000, or about $14,100, in compensation. The charges that Struck faced were related to throwing stones at the teen, intentional kidnapping, beating and torturing him, causing him 10 serious injuries as well as psychological damage, and sexual abuse against the minor. The previous crimes that Struck committed against the same are victim related to incidents during which Struck met with Farah on the outskirts of the Kusra village, slapped him and demanded that he leave the area after killing one of his newborn goats. In Any State Of Law, Struck Would Probably Have Gotten A Life Sentence And No Possibility Of Parole.

Orit Struck, the criminally deranged mother of Tzevi Struck and spokeswoman of the Kach zionist terrorists in Hebron, commented on the conviction issued by the Jerusalem district court against her son saying “We are paying a price for being “loyal” to Israel and working for its benefit”. She released a cloud of doubts and suspicions against the sentence handed down by the court, claiming that because she is “a prominent figure” in the Hebron settlements there was motivation to involve her son in the case and to convict him”, while according to her, he had not done anything.

In response to what was published by the media who quoted Orit Struck’s statements and described her as “chairwoman” of a “human rights organization” in “Judea and Samaria”, I clarify the following: There is no PLACE and there are no RIGHTS for Struck and the other ultra-orthodox zionists to settle in Hebron in the middle of 200.000 Palestinians. “Judea and Samaria” is not Israel, which was established in 1948 over the ruins of Palestinian cities and towns after massacring thousands of Palestinian civilians and deporting hundreds of thousands. “Judea and Samaria” is a name that was invented by the zionist israeli organizations which occupied the West Bank cities, towns, and villages in 1967 and later.

The so-called “Yesha for human rights” is a zionist organization which basically covers up the crimes and frees the hands of the colonists to continue with their terror and plundering in the occupied Palestinian territories, such as occupying hills of olive groves, uprooting trees, blocking public streets like Struck’s daughter Rachel is documented of doing, beating up and terrorizing people, committing random murders, setting houses on fire, stealing or killing livestock from farmers, poisoning wells …

The organization also targets the work of the police and cuffs their hands whenever they try to implement the law.  The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court recently convicted an Israeli police officer with a fine of NIS 4,000, about $963.  Struck incited a right-wing MK for the Likud Party, Michael Eitan, against the police officer and accused him of “acting unlawfully” when dealing with an ultra-orthodox right-wing settler who was attempting to build a new outpost near Nablus.

The “Yesha” (the council of the squatter jews) has concluded that crimes such as the horrors perpetrated by Struck’s son Zvi, who kidnapped and tortured a teen, cuffed his hands and eyes, harassed him sexually and then threw him naked in the middle of an empty field, are basic “human and civil rights” of the squatters in the West Bank. In line with this crazy notion, Orit described the arrest for cranky behavior of her daughter Rachel in a Hebrew publication saying: “I was proud of her courage and her wise conduct and behavior.”

Orit Struck and her French husband, Abraham Struck, a terrorist from Gush Emunim, (now both are members of the “National Religious Party” which promotes the ideology of expulsion of all Palestinians) and her 11 children are a ultra-Orthodox zionist family of Haredim.  All her adult children are suspected of being involved in uncounted crimes against Palestinians, what qualifies them as terrorists, criminals against humanity, war criminals, or perpetrators of genocide and other crimes within the context of the Jewish/Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people.

Orit Struck shat 11 children upon the world. They are:

Zviki or Tzvi צביקי), 28), the rapist, who settled with his wife and a child (Kinneret) at the so-called “Esh Kodesh”, a zionist outpost on top of the hills of Nablus near “Shilo”, another squatter colony expanding into the Nablus district agricultural lands.
Aaron or Aharon, אהרן) 26), a war criminal officer in the “Northern Command.”  He took part in the second war on Lebanon in 2006 and in Gaza “Operation Cast Lead” in 2008/2009.
Mordechai, מרדכי) 24), is a war criminal who serves with the so-called “Nahal Haredi” unit.
Shoshana, שושנה) 22), is a war criminal stationed by the IDF in Hebron, where she helps to perpetrate genocide against the Palestinian population.
Rachel, רחלי) 20), is a yeshiva teacher and a member of the terror organization Bnei Akiva.
Amwenh, אמונה) 18), serves in the israeli army and studied French, the native language  of her father. This piece of work had her first arrest when she was 13 years old.
David, דוד) 16), Isaac, יצחק) 14), and Wididih, וידידיה) 12) are students of Talmud and Torah at the yeshiva in Kiryat Arba. The twins Sarah and Hadassah are 9 years old.

I know Orit Struck personally as she and her cronies had their colony in the building next to my house. She is a habitual criminal, a cranky piece of work who has obvious psychological problems. She and Moshe Levinger and their families were among the first colonist families to move into the Palestinian vegetable market at the so-called “Avraham Avinu” colony in Hebron, after the wholesale ethnic cleansing operation against the Palestinian shopkeepers of the area, among others the Al-Owiwi, abu Afifh, Qafisheh, al-Joubeh families, and also against the Al-Sharabati, Zaiton, Al-Jabai, Bader, abu Monshar, Ashour, Al-Qayal and other families at the metal market, wool market, vegetable market, al-Saiuri market, the Islamic Waqf, the Al-Qazzazin mosque etc., in the streets Al-Shuhada street, Al-Sahleh street, al-Haram Street … and in the tunnels of the old market. All the Palestinians were expelled by force and their properties were damaged or plundered wholesale by Orit, here family and other squatter families with the help of the IDF. (Click once on the picture to see where Orit Struck lives).

Who is Orit Struck?

Orit Malka Struck (אורית מלכה סטרוק) is from a family that hails from Hungary. She is the granddaughter of one Esther Erica who later changed her name to Esti Cohen. Malka Nesher or Malka Eagle or “Mária Kecskeméti” was a Hungarian poet, she was the great-grandmother of Orit, and is apparently well-known among the squatters. Orit’s family immigrated to Palestina between 1949 -1951. They lived in a transit camp in Netanya, then moved to Notre Dame (formerly a hospice) in Jerusalem, and finally set up a household in Bat-Yam.

Orit was born in the Palestinian town of Beit Mazmil near occupied Jerusalem. Beit Mazmil was renamed in 1950 to “Kiryat HaYovel”. Beit Mazmil was ethnically cleansed by the zionist terrorists of Hagana in 1948. Orit attended school at “Kiryat Yovel” and then moved to Yeshivat “Or Etzion”, a religious high school for ultra-orthodox jews. At “Or Etzion” she became a follower of radical extremist rabbi Haim Druckman, the chairman of the Bnei Akiva Yeshiva that spawned the criminal terrorists and Arab-haters of the Kach and Gush Emunim terrorist organizations. Druckman hails from Kuty, formerly in Poland and now in the Ukraine. He immigrated to Palestine in 1944 using falsified identification in which he claimed to be the son of a childless couple.

Orit did not finish studies at any university. At the yeshiva of “Or Etzion”, Orit found her French zionist husband with the help of rabbi Druckman. Abraham Struck emigrated from France at the age of 15 and was recruited by rabbi Druckman when he studied at the yeshivat “Or Etzion”.  After marrying, the couple lived for a month in Kiryat Moshe in occupied Jerusalem and then moved to live in the Sinai with other terrorist members of Kach and Gush Emunim, like Meir Kahane and Dov Lior.

Orit lived in the Yamit colony in the northern part of the Sinai “peninsula”, as part of a zionist project. Orit and her husband went to live in “Yamit” after the governments of Israel and Egypt reached a final status agreement and signed a “peace treaty”. The strong smell of compensation ($$$ See the picture above and below) for jews who moved to live in these colonies encouraged Orit and her husband to run to live there. On April 23, 1982, the Yamit colonies were handed over to Egypt as part of the terms of the 1979 Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty. Orit and Abraham, Lior, Levinger and other young followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane from the United States threatened to blow themselves up if any israeli soldier entered their bunker in Yamit.  But they were evicted and received a fantastic amount of compensation ($…).

(The evacuation was very violent and traumatic and it became part of the annals of the extreme right in Israel. 4 The 9 billion NIS were appropriated as follows: 4.1 billion NIS in direct, personal payments to the settlers as reparations; 2.5 billion NIS appropriated to the Ministry of Defense to cover security expenses; 800 million NIS to cover the legal expenses; 775 million NIS to cover the cost of temporary housing; 210 million NIS to cover the cost of hotels for the settlers; 200 million NIS administrative expenses; 160 million NIS miscellaneous expenses; 140 million NIS cost of destruction of the settlers houses; 97 million NIS luggage storage and other luggage expenses).

From Yamit to Hebron

We say in an Arab proverb: “the person who tastes the delicious food of Tameiah (a kind of food) returns to lick the Siniah (the dish)”. And so Struck, her husband, and the followers of Moshe Levinger decided to resettle and occupy a new place in the occupied territories, as if Israel had no space for these terrorists to live. They chose to live in the heart of old city of Hebron. Perhaps the new dish will be tastier than Yamit.They settled in my homeland where a new “journey” of oppression and suffering started between us and the European and American zionists.  The questions are:

  • Why doesn’t Orit return to Hungary, France or Poland where she can have her own history?
  • Will she return to her homeland when she receives a bigger compensation from the city of “fathers”?

I think that a Palestinian State will be declared soon, but she will have to go somewhere else to beggar for money to “compensate” her for a life of crime.

Below are the horrific details of the violence which Zvi committed against the Palestinian teen in 2007 and which Orit dismissed as “nothing”. The events described below took place on 30 July 2007, the testimony was given to Defense for Children International. The DCI branch in Palestine spoke with Imran, the victim, and Ahmad and Malik, the eyewitnesses.

Statement of Imran Ayman Tayseer Farah: On Tuesday, 24 July 2007 I left the village so I could herd some sheep with my friends, Mailk Farid who is 14 years old and Ahmad Mohammed who is 18 years old. We went to an area known as “Baslitta” which we also refer to as “Al Wa’ar”. It is an area in the south of the village about 1 kilometre away.

I think it was around 2.45 pm when we left the village. We started herding the sheep and we sat on the ground and left the sheep to graze. We stayed seated so we didn’t get too far from the sheep. I got up because there were some sheep that were straying. When I got back, I saw a small green tractor and two Israeli settlers were riding on it. The driver was wearing a grey shirt and army, khaki-coloured trousers. He had a beard and long sideburns and long hair. He had a gun tucked into his side at the top of his trousers. I can’t remember what the second settler was wearing but he had long hair and plaited sideburns and also a long beard. He was holding a long, black firearm.

Imran Ayman Tayseer Farah, the victim of zvi struck.

When we saw the settlers, we all ran. We left the sheep. I heard shots being fired. I was running away from the shots. The shots were hitting the rocks and stones around the hill where we were running. I stopped and crouched down. I think I heard about 5 or 6 shots. When I knew they were shooting at us, I was very scared and I stood up suddenly. I didn’t run, I was very scared.

At this time, the driver of the tractor got out of the tractor and started running towards me. The other settler stayed near the tractor. The driver approached me very quickly and grabbed me and started to hit me with his arms and legs all over my body. I tried to run away but he grabbed my head and started to hit it against a stone on the hill face.

I was screaming from the pain and I was so scared he was going to kill me. He left me afterwards and ran off, I think to find Ahmad. I was lying on the ground. The second settler approached me and started to hit me with his gun all over my body. He was hitting me with his gun on my forehead. I felt blood running down my face. He was hitting me for about 10 minutes.

At this time, the first settler who was the driver, returned. Both of them started hitting and kicking me with their hands and feet and their firearms for about 10 minutes. I was still conscious but I was in a lot of pain. I was screaming and saying “My head!!, My Head!!!” and “Mother!” “Father!” “Please come and help me!”

They ripped my shirt. It was a blue shirt and they ripped it off me and bound it around my eyes. They grabbed my arms and they dragged me towards the tractor. This was about 10 meters away. They tied my hands with what I felt were plastic cords. They put me in the tractor between them. The tractor started moving and my head hit the front of the tractor. Afterwards, I lost consciousness as I don’t remember what happened.

I woke up to find them pouring water over me. The smell of the water was the smell of petrol. I was lying on the ground, my face on the ground and my wrists were tied together behind my back. I heard one of them say in Arabic “shall we shoot him?” The other settler said “Loh, Loh” in Hebrew. They continued to beat me. I heard the sounds of a woman and some children. I thought I had been taken to their settlement. Afterwards, the beating stopped. They started beating me again for about 5 minutes with their arms, legs and firearms all over my body.

Afterwards, they got an electrical cord that felt very thick and they tied my wrists even though they were already tied. They also wrapped it around my head and mouth. My mouth was covered. They put me back into the tractor and the tractor started moving.

The tractor was in motion for about 10 minutes and all the time I couldn’t see or move. Afterwards they pulled me out of the tractor and one of them grabbed me around my shoulder and kicked me around my legs. I fell on the ground on my face. They were swearing at me and cursing my sisters and mother. They started to beat me again with their hands, feet and their firearms all over my body again.

Then it stopped. They took off my trousers and underwear. I was wearing white boxer shorts and blue track pants and brown sandals. I was left in my singlet and black t-shirt. They then started to kick me and beat me with their firearms on the sides of my legs, and on my thighs and on my hands. I could feel electrical shocks on my hands. I was in so much pain.

One of them started to beat me in between my legs and around my testicles. I was in extreme pain. I was being beaten here for the longest time. I think it may have been about 15 minutes. I began to lose consciousness. Something hard came down on my head and I completely lost consciousness. I regained consciousness but I don’t know when. It was very hot. I realized I was alone. I attempted to drag myself through the dirt, my wrists were still tied behind my back. I was trying to get the blindfold off my face by rubbing my head into the dirt. I continued to do this until the blindfold came off. I looked for my clothes and I couldn’t find them. I found myself in the middle of nowhere in the forest somewhere on a hill.

I gradually stood up and I could see Dooma Village in the distance. I thought at the time that it may have been about 1 kilometer away. I walked down the hill for about 1 kilometer. I found the main road which was the Jericho/Nablus Road. My hands were still tied behind my back. I started to hail down the cars. No one stopped. I did this for about 10 minutes.

Imran Ayman Tayseer Farah secondary school certificate.

A white Subaru stopped beside me and inside the car there were four people. One of them was from our village and he knew me and he got out of the car. They all got off the car and untied me. They gave me some water. They covered my lower body with something. They then put me in the car and took me to the village. They took me to my village and some relatives there took me to a medical clinic in Qabalan Village. The staff bandaged my arms and hands and took me to Etihad Hospital in Nablus City.

My forehead wound was still bleeding at that time. My left hand was bleeding also. I was treated for these wounds at the hospital. My forehead was stitched with four stitches and my hand with five stitches. I stayed in hospital for five days. The settlement near the place where we were herding the sheep is called Chilo. It consists of about six caravans. The settlers have in the past stopped local Palestinian residents from using village-owned land near the settlement.

I have been beaten by settlers before for herding sheep in a different area. The area is on the Jalood Road and is a plain, not in the hills. Statement taken from Ahmad Mohammad Abdel

Statement of Rahim Hassan, 30 July 2007: Date of Birth: 8 February 1989, 18 years: On Tuesday 24 July 2007 at around 2 pm, I left Qasra village to herd some sheep with Imran and Malik. We headed for “Baslitta” which is also known as “Al Wa’ar”, towards the southern region of the village. When we arrived in this area we started to herd the sheep so that they could be watched and graze together. We sat down and watched over them. Suddenly a tractor approached us. It was green and two armed settlers were in it. One of them had a big black gun and the second had very long hair. When I first saw them approaching they were about 50 metres away. As soon as I saw them, I got up and ran.

They start shooting at us. I kept running and Imran was running with me up the hill. I saw Malik hide behind a Za’rour tree. I kept running and I didn’t look behind me because I was so scared. I didn’t see the settlers attacked Imran. I ran towards the direction of the south of Dooma village. I ran and walked for about 1.5 kilometres until I reached the village. I can’t remember how long this took. Not long after I got to the village, people in the village were talking about some settlers who were shooting in the area and who had kidnapped Imran. I found out that Imran was in hospital because he had been assaulted by the settlers.

Statement of Malik Farid Ali Hassan: 30 July 2007. Date of Birth: 7 May 1993, 14 years: On Tuesday 24 July 2007 at around 2.30 pm, I went to Baslitta Area to herd sheep. This is about 1 kilometre south of the village from where I live, Qasra village. I saw Imran herding his sheep there and Ahmad was with him as well. I was about 30 metres away from them and as I was approaching them, we were talking to each other from this distance. We were speaking in loud voices so we could hear each other.

Suddenly, Ahmad and Imran were running and Imran was shouting “Run!, Run!”. I saw a tractor approaching them. I saw two settlers in the tractor and they were heading towards us. The tractor was speeding and not using the proper track. It was going over stones and through foliage. I have seen these settlers before and I recognized them. We have herded the sheep in the area before and they have approached us and chased us away more than once before.

I ran and climbed a tree and hid in it. I saw Imran and Ahmad both run towards the hill. There, there is a settler road that Palestinians cannot use. The settlers stopped the tractor and got out of it. I was about 50 metres away. I saw one of the settlers shooting at Imran and Ahmad. He was shouting “Come here! Come here!” Imran stopped and lifted up his hands. The other settler ran after Ahmad.

The first settler approached Imran. This settler was wearing a white shirt and blue shorts. He had a long beard and his hair was curly and long. He was holding a long black firearm. He got near Imran and started hitting him with his fists. He started to hit him with the butt of his rifle. Imran was screaming but I couldn’t quite hear what he was saying. The settler was hitting him for about 5 minutes. He knocked him down to the ground and sat on his back. He was punching him while he was on the ground.

The second settler then returned. He was wearing jeans and a navy shirt. He had long hair tied at the back and he was blond. He had a short blond beard. This settler started to kick Imran as well. He also sat on Imran’s back. The other settler got up and was walking back and forth and was talking on his mobile phone.

I thought Imran was dead. He wasn’t moving. The settler who was on the phone returned. Both settlers then grabbed Imran by his arms and they lifted him up to a standing position. I saw that Imran had blood all over his face. They ripped off his shirt and wrapped it around his face and covered his face. They dragged him towards the tractor which was about 15 metres away from them. One of the settlers took a yellow cord from the tractor. They tied Imran’s hands together and put him in the tractor. They sat either side of him on the tractor. They drove the tractor towards the settlement. I kept watching until I couldn’t see them anymore.

Afterwards I ran home. I arrived back at the village around 3:30 pm. I found some of Imran’s siblings and told them that some settlers had assaulted and kidnapped him. I then went home.

I remember that these settlers have attacked us more than once before. In 2006, these settlers shot at me while I was herding sheep. Some of the villagers who were harvesting wheat spoke to the settlers to negotiate an agreement so that we could herd and graze our sheep and be left alone. After the attack on Imran, I am too scared to return to that area.


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