Vittorio Arrigoni was murdered.
Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff
Why Vittorio?

He has been in Gaza for years, originally arriving on one of the earliest Flotillas. Anyone that knew him can testify that he was a wonderful and dedicated human being. A young man who left his home and loved ones to fight for the cause of Justice and Freedom in Gaza.
Now, ask yourselves who would want to put an end to that cause and those involved in it? The answer should be obvious. Who has been appealing to various nations and the United Nations in particular to not allow future Flotillas to leave for Gaza. Who seems worried that a Flotilla from Turkey would be leaving for Gaza as early as next month?

Even the Jerusalem Post’s Psycho Gal dedicates part of her column today to that Flotilla….

The Turkish government stands behind the al- Qaida- and Hamas- linked IHH group. IHH organized last year’s pro-Hamas flotilla to Gaza in which IHH members brutally attacked IDF naval commandoes engaged in a lawful mission to maintain Israel’s lawful maritime blockade of Gaza’s coast. With the support of the Turkish government, IHH is now planning an even larger flotilla to assault Israel’s blockade of Gaza next month.

Still wondering who wants to put an end to the cause I referred to above?

Maybe this will help you understand the situation better….

Israeli HIT LIST Includes Vittorio Utopia Arrigoni

And just who is behind that vile site? Click HERE to see.

The Israeli and International Press was very quick to jump to the conclusion that it was Islamic extremists that carried out the murder of Vittorio. There are elements of those extremists that are involved as collaborators with the Israeli government, some for many years. Some of these ‘warm their way’ into the hearts of Hamas officials and eventually gain their trust.
Not all of them are connected to any Islamic movements, there are some, foreign nationals in particular that do the same. In some cases even getting themselves put up in hotels run by Hamas officials as guests of the State, while all they do during their stay in Gaza is appeal for funds over the Internet and stuff their personal pockets with those funds collected… without giving a dime to the cause people donated to.
People such as those are just as guilty as the Israeli government for the crimes committed against the people of Gaza and those dedicated to the cause. The murder of Vittorio was timed to put fear into those who plan on being on future Flotillas. Only Israel benefits from this. Therefore, I have no other choice to conclude that Israel is responsible for this for all of the reasons mentioned above, and definitely with the active participation of collaborators.
The cause did not and will not die with Vittorio’s murder. The cause will continue, will grow in ranks and will eventually help in the Freeing of Gaza and all of Palestine.
Our Associate Khalid Amayreh adds….

The murder of Arrigoni
True Muslims don’t do that
Comment by Khalid Amayreh

We don’t know for sure as of yet who murdered international Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni. However, whoever committed this despicable crime must be a human beast walking on two legs.

Vittorio Arrigoni was abducted on Thursday, 14 April, in Central Gaza. Members of a notoriously fanatical group posted a video online saying they would kill him unless the Gaza government released detained Salafists from prison.

Within a few hours of the warning, Arrigoni’s body was found in an empty house.

Arrigoni’s death has infuriated Palestinians everywhere. Ismael Haniya, the elected Prime Minister of Hamas called Arrigoni’s murder a “nefarious crime that goes against our religion, norms and traditions.” A spokesman for the Gaza government described the perpetrators as “thugs and murderers of the lowest kind.”

One Islamist writer, Ibrahim Hamami, called the murderers, “the lowest of the low.”

The accused group, the Tawhid and Jihad, has denied posting the video or any involvement in the killing of Arrigoni. They hinted that the Israeli intelligence may have been the real killers of the Italian activist.

And while Israel can never be ruled out as an accused party, it is widely believed that the so-called Salafi group (Salafi means a true follower of the Prophet) remains the premier suspect. They are guilty until proven innocent, given the prima facie evidence that would indict them.

It is true that the Salafis are not carbon copies of each other. However, the militant Salafis have been accused of abductions, killings, attacking internet cafes, and calling for the expulsion of Christians from the Gaza Strip.

A group of Salafis last year carried out an armed rebellion against the Hamas-led government during which several people lost their lives. In one episode, an intermediary who was carrying a message to their leaders was brutally murdered by those who called themselves Muslims. Islam is absolutely against killing messengers even in war time.

One would hope to give these stupid fanatics the benefit of the doubt. However, their diabolic crimes in many parts of the Muslim world leave us no doubt as to their true nature.

They claim they are out to fight the armies of the disbelievers who have invaded some Muslim countries.  However, the falsehood and mendacity of their claims are made clear by the fact that for every western soldier they killed, they murdered at least a hundred Muslim men, women, and children.

And when they are confronted with these crimes, they often seek vague, erroneous, spurious and invalid edicts to justify and rationalize what is obviously evil.

Islam is not a vague religion, especially when it comes to human life. However, these ignorant fanatics seem to have been blinded by their misplaced zeal and ignorance.

They thrive and prosper and become quite gleeful upon killing innocent people, whether Muslims or non-Muslims. And they think that by so doing they endear themselves to the Almighty when the opposite is true.

Have the killers asked themselves what in the world would justify killing Arrigoni, a man who came all the way from Italy to identify with the Palestinian struggle for freedom and justice? What wrong did he do? What crime did he commit? Didn’t they realize that Arrigoni may have done so much for Gaza which has now been besmirched by their cowardly crime?

Arrigoni didn’t come to Gaza as an aggressor or invader. He came to show solidarity with its wronged people and highlight the immense oppression meted out to be people by the Nazis of our time, the Zionist Israelis.

Hence, the claim that he came to the Land of Islam to spread corruption and disbelief should be treated with the utter contempt it deserves.

Again, there is no doubt that these ignoramuses are victims of their ignorance. They don’t represent the true followers of the Prophet (PBUH) who was quoted as saying according to authentic hadith that “whoever oppresses a Mua’hed (a non-Muslim resident or traveler in the land of Islam), or arrogated his rights, or takes something away from him against his will, or forces him to do that which is beyond his ability, I shall be his opponent on the Day of Judgment.”

In another hadith, the Prophet said “whoever killed a non-Muslim living in the land of Islam shall not smell the fragrance of paradise; verily its fragrance is smelled from a distance of a 40-year travel.”



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