Forensic reports show white phosphorus use in Gaza attacks

[ 18/04/2011 – 01:33 PM ]

GAZA, (PIC)– Ihab Kahil, who was appointed director of the Gaza Ministry of Justice forensic medicine department, said the bodies retrieved in Israel’s recent attack on the Gaza Strip have been examined to identify the weapons used in the onslaught.

”We are preparing appropriate medical reports, because the crimes committed by Israel should not blur the realities. Everyone must know what crimes Israel has committed,” Kahil said in a press statement on Monday.

He said the forensics department has been in constant contact with the Gaza war crimes documentation committee and human rights organizations with the ultimate goal of helping take Israel to trial for war crimes against the unarmed Palestinians.

The department has been working in cooperation with the documentation committee to bring many massacres to light, especially those where internationally banned weapons were used. Several photographs and other pieces of evidence have been compiled and will be submitted in reports to human rights organizations, courts and other official channels, Kahil said.

He said that during the recent Israeli escalation, forensic science crews have been working round the colock because there is only one forensic medicine   center in the Gaza Strip. He went on to describe some of the evidence that has been passed on to the forensics team as chilling, as the body parts of some children have been torn and charred, while some of the bodies were mutilated and decapitated beyond recognition.

”During examinations, evidence has been found that Israel used white phosphorus and internationally banned weapons,” Kahil concluded.



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