Free Gaza Graffiti Mural in Birmingham

The latest mural from Mohammed Ali (aka Aerosol Arabic) is a public graffiti mural for the people of Gaza in the streets of Birmingham, England on January 4th 2009

Most people who know my work and have followed it over the past 5/6 years will know that my murals and canvas have always been focussed on concepts which are universally appreciated by people of all faith. Concepts such as peace, knowledge, patience, unity and brotherhood are often the prefered themes, positive virtues which I feel need to be shared and appreciated by all, something we, unfortunately, do not speak enough about, and virtues which are fading away from our modern societies.

During the past few months, we have seen on our tv screens the Israeli bombardment on Gaza. We have seen how the world watched on as over a thousand people were killed many of them children. As a father myself, it shocked me how little was being done to stop this crime – a crime against humanity. So this is why i chose to paint murals that highlighted the situation of the people of Gaza, as well as for the people of Palestine as a whole – as we know this is nothing new for the people of that land.

This was not just a political mural, which was different from the murals I am known to do, but rather a continuation of those murals, a logical progression. The murals that I often do, speak of qualities of truth and qualities which all people can feel. What is happening in Gaza is a concern for the whole of humanity, and is something that is binding us together, as people of all faith and background speak against the atrocities which are taking place. So this is why i feel these recent murals are no different. They are the feelings which represent all communities including muslims, christians, jews we speak against these crimes where innocents are killed.

So on behalf of all people who stand for good, all people from the UK that are against the killing of innocents, let the walls that are popping up around my city, scream the words Free Gaza and spreak to those that dont know, and remind those that are forgetting, as we see the news of the people of Gaza fade off our tv screens.

I have recieved much support from people who are from Gaza, as well as those who have family there. They have sent beautiful kind words of support, and been overjoyed with the support that they can see from the other side of the world.

I have painted four walls in the city of Birmingham, the second city in the UK, and have been helped by the young people of the city, many of which are from different faith. So to the youth that have helped me, your efforts have not been in vain, as the people from around the globe have seen these vibrant walls through photos and video found on the web – the word is spreading.

I recieved a message from someone on facebook today:
i want to tell you that many brother from palestine felt gratitude for your work and say we love you for the sake of ALLAH though im not palestinin either but i wanted to deliver this message

And to the people of Gaza i say, I have not been able to do much, but God has given me an ability to transform our cities into pieces of art and communicate with people. So this is all I can do for now.


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