Gaza Says Farewell to Vittorio Arrigoni – In Palestine’s Hearts He Remains Forever

“A winner is a Dreamer who never gives up”

These words of Nelson Mandela are those which Vittorio Arrigoni wanted to  be quoted on his gravestone.

Been in danger but unmovable for many years, he stoods side by side in dangers the Palestinian’s in Gaza undergo day by day. Not a moment he forsaked to support, motivate and fight for the cause he believed in. Justice for Palestine and it’s people. Human rights, dignity but above all, to make a change in the faith of people who are undergoing day in day out atrocities, violence, Israeli aggression and the ongoing massacres.

Due to these circumstances hard and sometimes even impossible to imagine he kept fighting for achievable change for humanitarian rights, life… to stay human, whatever happens.

Since his previous abductions by Israel, the daily reality which he was undergoing like any Gazan, he decided to stay, to keep resisting these violations on humanity and realizing this , chosen his quote. For someone who keeps fighting for his belief in Justice can never loose.

He lost his life which is the greatest sacrifice a person can give for a cause. A tremendous shock to many who loved him. And even those, not knowing him in person are in disbelief about the how, the why and the many questions which have been risen by this horrible assassination of a person, who gave all a man can give. All of it.

Without specualtions, the ones who caused his death with the purpose to silence him have failed. The have achieved exactly the opposite. I guess, they never expected, the death of an “Italian activist” would shock the world and carve Vittorio’s name and legacy in their souls, to stay there forever.

When a human dies, we go the way we came, with nothing at all. The only change we make, the only legacy we left behind, is that which we leave in the hearts of those we left behind. Vittorio touched many, many people in their hearts and lives there for eternity.

As for the death can’t speak, his voice is not dead.  His voice has become and will stay eternally in a strong echo for  mankind striving for human rights, remembering us of our duty towards eachother, as he never forsake to stand by the side of oppressed, wounded, the mourning. In good times with laughter, in hard times with his tears.

Vittorio’s voice has become louder than it has been ever before during his life. His words, are carried around the world. His achievements will never be forgotten nor his sacrifice.  This has to be an example and a  lesson for the world.

His treasure of experiences, motivation and steadfastness, were and will be, and have to be,  a drive for  many people who are already walking – or those who will be following his footsteps. For his battle was and stays  a joint struggle. The struggle for change,  hope, faith and ideal. And it has not stopped with his heartbeat. It will go on.

“Vittorio never was as much alive as he is now…”

These are the  words  his mother Egidia Beretta Arrigoni spoke today.

Vittorio is alive. Not in this worldy life as we know it. But his death made him more “alive then ever”, for he won the unity of spirits, awakened a global awareness in the whole world  and became a loud , not mutable call for his cause.

I -as many others- remember him, mourn him and in his honour I  pledge to continue his, ours, Palestine’s  and Palestine’s Solidarity’s joint struggle:
To “stay human” and fight injustice.

انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون
‘Inna Lillahi wa ‘Inna ‘Ilayhi Raji’un

I salute and honour the Shaheed Vittorio Arrigoni, killed in Gaza on April 14, 2011 during his struggle for the people he lived with in Gaza, the place he loved, committed to their fate, lives, for their  justice and truth and what he did for humanity.

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala grant the Shaheed Vittorio Jannatul Firdaus, ease it for his family, his fiancee, his loved ones and the many friends who mourn and miss him.

May Allah Subhana wa Ta’ ala guide us all to the right path of humanity and the justice  and reunite us in the Hereafter.

Allahumma Ameen ya Rabbil ‘ Alameen.

In the meanwhile, striving on, on the path of many struggling for humanity, he also paved  his achievements. The path goes on till it reaches it’s goal. No man will be able to stop people, and as Vittorio and the many shuhada of Palestine proof, even their souls and legacy moving it forward.

So we say farewell but only for now.  We are and I also  am going to be his and the voices of the martyred and will carry it on. But formost, we will try to overcome this loss. But how many are already lost or will be lost we will not give up to try to be as he wanted everyone  to be: 

To Stay Human

Below Photography of the Farewell Funeral in Gaza, photographed by Magdi Soliman


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