Thousands of Gazans Participate in Slain Italian Activist’s Funeral

18.04.11 – 18:33 Gaza City – PNN – On Monday, politicians, NGO workers, and activists took part in the funeral of Vittorio Arrigoni who was killed last Friday by a Salafist group in Gaza. Image Palestinian police officers carried Arrigoni’s coffin and marched in the funeral. Those in attendence carried his picture and, in reference to his killers,  chanted, “death for terrorists!”

According to Palestinian security sources, the body of Arrigoni was transported from Gaza City to Rafah, to be handed to his parents at the Rafah crossing with Egypt. Palestinian police officers told local media that they would continue to investigate the murder of Arrigoni and that they will bring the murderers to justice.

Police officers themselves decided to participate in the funeral on Monday to honor this solidarity activist that sacrificed his life for Gaza.



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