Hebron Settler Leader: ‘Burn Awarta to Ground, Turn it to Ash’

Richard Silverstein | Apr 18, 2011 |  Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place

The settlers of Hebron are a particularly nasty bunch, the meanest of the mean, most vicious of the vicious.  For many of them, the only good Palestinian is a dead Palestinian.  As if to prove my point, the chief propagandist media-whore of the Hebron community released a statement about the Itamar killings that was breathtaking in its scope and audacity.  I hope that many of you, as you read this, will think back on various tragic historical events in Jewish history and note the parallels and ironies lost on David Wilder:

“The butchers from Awarta…must not be allowed to continue to live. They must be tried, as quickly as possible, and executed. As the verse says, evil must be burned from our midst. Those who directly helped them, before and after the massacre, they must die too. There can be no mercy for participants of a massacre. The entire village, Awarta, must be razed and burned to the ground, all its citizens expelled to Lebanon or Egypt. For they all knew, and did nothing. And that site must remain ash, just as Hametz is burned and left as ash, an eternal reminder that the Jewish people are not meek, that we know what to do and how to do it, when necessary.”

I practically heard the strains of Hitlerian trumpets as I read this.  Note the ironies: who else razed a community and burned it to the ground?  Why, the Romans of course, who destroyed Jerusalem including the Second Temple.  The Babylonians too destroyed Jerusalem and the First Temple and sent its inhabitants into exile.  What other people lived in exile in Egypt?  Israelites of course.  It seems especially horrific for Wilder to note this one day before the Pesach seder when we commemorate our own liberation from slavery in Egypt.

What other city was burned to the ground and left as ash?  Jerusalem again.  I seem to recall that they even sowed the soil with salt to prevent any agriculture from resuming for future inhabitants.

And yes, we Jews, just like leaders of another European country of a few decades ago, “know what to do and how to do it.”  The only difference is the Nazis knew what to do to Jews and how to do it and perpetrated a Holocaust.  Is that what the Wilders of the world want?  A show-Holocaust to persuade Palestinians that we Jews mean business and are prepared to slaughter them if they resist us?

In 1942, Czech partisans assassinated SS chief, Reinhardt Heydrich and the Nazis responded by executing many of the men of the town of Lidice, which the Nazis used as a example to the entire population of what happens when you kill a Nazi:

Himmler ordered a series of deportations and executions in Lidice, including the execution of all male residents over 16. The town was later completely eradicated — demolished and burned to the ground, even the graveyard was excavated, the remains therein destroyed.

And guess what?  The Czechs remained largely quiescent throughout the war.  This is what Wilder aims for.  Blood-lust-vengeance on a large-scale to persuade the Palestinians we will kill every last one of them if we have to.

Is this the Israel that we want?  H/t to Michael Levin.

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