Israeli prison administration forces women prisoners to wear orange costume

[ 19/04/2011 – 02:53 PM ]

RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Israeli administraiton of Hasharon jail forced Palestinian women prisoners to wear orange uniforms while heading to courts and confiscated food and covers in their possession.

The Palestinian prisoner association said in a statement on Tuesday that the prison administration also prevented the prisoners from taking any papers with them when they meet lawyers even if they were legal papers such as the indictment lists or plain papers and pens.

Fawzi Shalloudi, a lawyer with the association, said after visiting those prisoners that the administration had imposed new sanctions on them since Sunday.

He added that the sanctions followed the prisoners’ step of refusing meals, adding that they included rejecting all requests by the prisoners in the current month of April and reducing the time for their daily stroll outside their cells.

The Israeli occupation authority is holding 37 Palestinian women in its jails, 19 in Hasharon and 18 in Damon jail.



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