Quartet May Recognize Palestinian Statehood Without Peace Talks

PNN – Palestine News Network

19.04.11 – 12:53 Tel Aviv – PNN – On Tuesday American and European envoys said that the Middle East Quartet could recognize a state of Palestine if Israelis and Palestinians did not renew peace talks Los Angeles Times reported.
The Quartet—consisting of the United States, United Natoins, the European Union and Russia—was recently blocked by one of its members from meeting to discuss a new negotation initiative. A US official claimed that the meeting would not result anything useful to reinitiate peace talks.

Both Israelis and Palestinians acknowledge Barack Obama’s target date of September 2011 for an peace agreement, but there have been no signs of progress since talks caved in last September, when Israel refused to stop settlement construction.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the goal of statehood by September, claiming it would halt any further negotiations.

Meanwhile the Palestinian Authority has launched its own diplomatic project to achieve recognition in September, via the UN General Assembly.


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