Salah said IOF soldiers used ‘stupid and racist behavior’ during Allenby arrest

[ 19/04/2011 – 11:01 AM ]

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Leader of the Islamic Movement in 1948-occupied Palestine Raed Salah said that Israeli occupation forces soldiers used ”stupid and racist behavior” when they arrested him and his wife at the Allenby Bridge border crossing after they refused to comply with a provocative strip search targeting his wife.

The family was returning to the 1948-occupied Palestinian territories after making pilgrimage to Makkah when they were stopped and searched at the bridge linking Jordan and the West Bank.

Salah and his wife as well as two other couples were arrested for allegedly obstructing the work of security personnel and were later released on bail. The other two men and women were let go after a few hours.

”This is the first time they tried to search my wife. It was the intent of the police and security men, as every one of them has stated, to ask her to remove her clothing; and naturally, that was absolutely rejected,” Salah said after his release. ”We told them my wife and I will absolutely not allow you to do that, and we will defend our right to defend our honor until the end.”

”Incidents evolved, and I was arrested on charges where I was the victim,” he said. ”My wife was also a victim like me. Then I was taken to the Maskoubia interrogation center after I was detained at the King Hussein Bridge police station.”

Salah has filed a complaint that includes three items. The first is directed at the intelligence men who threatened the group. The second is directed at the intelligence officer that used profanity against them. And the third is against the detectives who tried to violate his wife’s honor. He said he would follow up on the case until it is finished, even if he had to ”knock on the doors of the international courts”.


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